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Mower County Biographies - Surnames










Surnames S


St. Ledger, Daniel

St. Ledger, Herbert

Sanborn, Artemus b: 1833

Sanborn, Charles b: 1872

Sanborn, D.C. b: 1844

Sanborn, Stephen b: 1837

Sanborn, Stephen

Sanders, Theodore b: 1845

Sanderson, Edith Mary b: 1923

Sanderson, Ira Padden b: 1920

Sargeant, Harry b: 1817

Sargeant, Harry b: 1855

Sargent, James T. b: 1817

Sasse, Frank G. b: 1871

Sasse, John F.

Savage, Thomas b: 1838

Sayles, C.B. b: 1870

Sayles, James K.

Scallon, J.J. b: 1884

Schaefer, Mathias b: c1860

Schleiger, Philip b: 1852

Schleuder, Forrest 1870-1942

Schleuder, Gustave 1841-1913

Schleuder, Herbert 1877-1953

Schleuder, Merlin 1912-2000

Schmit, Mathias b: 1874

Schottler, George b: 1870

Schottler, J.C. b: 1872

Schroeder, C.L. b: 1844

Schroeder, Fred H. b: 1853

Schroeder, John b: 1841

Schuett, Ferdinand b: 1861

Schutz, Rudolph b: 1850

Schutz, Samuel

Schwartz, Charles b: 1851

Schwartz, John C.

Schuartz, Nicholas b: 1845

Scribner, Andrew b: 1827

Scribner, Samuel

Scullin, Arthur b: 1875

Shaw, Ed. J. b: 1868

Shaw, O. W. b: 1834

Shay, Ann d: 1909

Shay, John b: 1865

Shepard, James b: 1831

Shephard, E. M.

Shephard, Levi M. d: 1898

Sherman, Loran b: 1840

Sherman, Louis b: 1870

Sherwood, Lyman Allen b: 1833

Shortt, George b: 1862

Shortt, Martin d: 1864

Shutt, Byron b: 1864

Siegel, Casper

Siegel, George T.

Simmons, O. J. b: 1857

Sims, A. L. b: 1840

Skinner, John H. b: 1864

Skogstad, Carl C. b: 1855

Skyhawk, C. M. b: 1860

Sleeper, Albert L. b: 1824

Sleeper, Carlos b: 1852

Sleeper, Charles b: 1848

Sleeper, Ozro b: 1850

Sleeper, William b: 1856

Slindee, Andrew S. b: 1884

Slupe, John b: 1849

Smith, Elbert H. b: 1868

Smith, Ernest V. b: 1880

Smith, Fredrick August b: 1855

Smith, J. H. b: 1861

Smith, John M. d: 1907

Smith, Julius A. d: 1896

Smith, Miles J. 1860-1933

Smith, Nicholas M. b: 1841

Smith, Samuel

Smith, Sparrow b: 1859

Smock, Fred b: 1874

Snyder, Ira b: 1842

Snyder, Lucius b: 1875

Snyder, William J. b: c1840

Sorenson, Ananias

Sorenson, Soren b: 1860

Sorflaten, John b: 1868

Soule, Herbert R.

Soule, Rensselaer, Dr.

Soule, Rensselaer b: 1836

Spencer, William b: 1823

Spencer, William b: 1857

Spooner, Edgar b: 1831

Start, John

Start, Sam b: 1870

Steffens, Charles b: 1861

Stenseth, Otto b: 1880

Stenseth, Sever b: 1866

Stephan, John b: 1859

Stephan, William

Stephenson, Stanley b: 1887

Sterling, James b: 1824

Stewart, Deacon Jonathan b: 1816

Stewart, James H. 1832-1913

Stiles, Alvah b: 1862

Stillman, Charles b: 1857

Stillman, Henry

Stillman, Marcus b: 1887

Stillwell, George b: 1857

Stillwell, Thomas b: 1824

Stillwell, Ulysses b: 1865

Stimson, Burt b: 1844

Stimson, Charles

Stimson, David b: 1846

Stokes, George

Stout, Samuel Rodman

Strever Reynolds, Amanda (Mrs. A.C.) b: 1836

Strever, Joseph K. b: 1824

Stute, Carl b: 1837

Stute, John b: 1866

Sundem, A. O. b: 1825

Sutherland, H.C. b: 1833

Sutton, George b: 1838

Sutton, George b: 1866

Svennungsen, David b: 1876

Sween, Ole b: 1847

Sweet, William W. b: 1844

Swenson, Antone b: 1878

Swenson, Hans b: 1818

Swenson, Samuel b: 1877

Swenson, Swen b: 1842

Swift, Albert b: 1830

Syck, Ira Wallace b: 1891

Syverud, John b: 1856





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