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Mower County Biographies - Surnames











Surnames C, D, E


Cafourek, Joseph b: 1859

Cahill, Thomas

Callinan, Frank b: 1866

Campbell, Alexander b: 1859

Carey, Mathias b: c1830

Carll, Benjamin

Carll, Freeman b: 1842

Carll, Joseph b: 1856

Carll, Samuel b: 1811

Carlson, Carl A.

Carmichael, R.A. b: 1859

Carr, Patrick b: 1851

Carson, J.F. b: 1843

Carter, John A.

Carter, Luman b: 1841

Cary (Carey), Riley b:1820

Catherwood, S.D.

Catherwood, William d: 1890

Catherwood, William

Chaffee, John b: 1849

Chandler, John b: 1836

Chandler, Welcome b: 1807

Chandler, George b: 1845

Chandler, Stephen b: c1840

Chapman, Lorenzo b: 1862

Chapman, W.

Christianson, I.B. b: 1876

Christie, William b: 1844

Church, George b: 1838

Church, Lewis

Claggett, Edward b: 1863

Clausen, Rev. Claus, b: 1820

Clausen, Rev. Claus -- two articles

Clausen, Rev. Claus Family Grave Photos

Clausen, Lauritz b: 1856

Clausen, Martin, N.

Clay, William Franklin b: 1849

Clay, William b: 1827

Coats, Charles Henry b: 1829

Cobb, W.F. b: 1847

Collins, Robert b: 1856

Colman, Decatur b: 1826

Cook, Charles b: 1866

Cook, John b: 1823

Cook, Rev. Stephen b: 1796

Cooper, William b: 1804

Cooper, William b: 1841

Cooper, William Jr.

Corneveaux, George b: 1833

Cotter, John b: 1843

Crandell, Isaac b: 1799

Crane, Frank Irving b: 1848

Crane, Ralph b: 1887

Cressy, Alfred, Rev. b: 1838 (a)

Cressy, Alfred, Rev. b: 1838 (b)

Cronon, Frank b: 1877

Cronon, James

Cummings, T.F. b: 1865

Cutter, William b: 1873

Dahl, Henry G. b: 1871 (1953)

Dahl, Henry G. b: 1871

Dahmen, Emil b: 1872

Davidson, Charles b: 1846

Davidson, Joshua b: 1812

Davis, Wilbur b: 1848

Dawes, Frank b: 1864

Dean, Warren b: 1876

Decker, Chester b: 1861

Decker, Jacob b: 1831

Decker, Jacob b: 1831

Decklever, Carl b: ~1860

Deming, Henry b: 1825

Dennis, Henry

Dennis, Sylvester

Dettloff Sr., August b: 1850

Detwiler, George

Detwiler, John

Dibble, C.B. b: 1856

Dickens, Colman b: 1861

Dickerson, Abraham b: 1823

Dock, Peter b: 1836

Dodge, Samuel b: 1815

Dorr, E.C. b: 1835

Dorr, Edward b: 1877

Douglass, C.D. b: 1835

Dovenberg, Andrew

Downey, Cornelius b: 1855

Drake, William b: 1841

Duffy, George

Dufty, F. M. b: 1847

Dugan, Thomas b: 1844

Dunham, J.B. b: c1843

Eagen, John b: 1843

Elliott, Ford T.

Elliott, Philip T. b: 1865

Ellis, Allen Valois b: 1834

Ellis Allen b: 1834

Elmer, A. M. b: 1889

Elmer, J. P.

Elward, Edward

Emerson, S.A.

Emigh, Elgin b: 1858

Emigh, Wellington b: 1855

Emmons, Clarence b: 1860

Engen, Guttorm Olsen





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