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Mower County Biographies - Surnames










Surnames I, J, K, L


Iorms, Thomas D.

Iverson, Knute b: 1835

Jacobs, Henry b: 1830

Jacobsen, Vonda Ames b: 1933

Johnson, Albert b: 1874

Johnson, Carl b: 1871

Johnson, Charles b: 1860

Johnson, Frank b: 1842

Johnson, John

Johnson, John b: 1859

Johnson, Julius b: 1858

Johnson, Martin b: 1837

Johnson, Nathaniel b: 1856

Johnson, Robert b: 1863

Johnson, Seymour b: 1841

Jordan, W. F. b: 1865

Julsen, Nels

Julson, Herman b: 1872

Julson, Ulrick b: 1821

Joyce, James b: 1858

Kearns, Granville b: 1835

Keefe, Albert b: 1871

Keefe, John b: abt 1855

Keenan, James

Keenan, Joseph b: 1848

Kellogg, A.G. b: 1847

Kenerson, G.H. b: 1841

Kezar, Alvin b: 1845

Kimball, Francis b: 1844

King, Samuel b: 1822

King, W.H. b: 1840

Kinsman, A.N. b: 1854

Kinsman, C.C.

Kirkland, Leander b: 1843

Klemestad, Ole b: 1842

Knight, Albert b: 1858

Kornberg, John b: 1842

Kough, Thomas b: 1841

Kramer, Theodore b: 1889

Krause, John F. b: 1873

Krebsbach, John H. b: 1861

Krebsbach, John b: 1869


Krebsbach, Mathias b: 1835 #1

Krebsbach, Mathias b: 1835 #2

Krebsbach, Michael b: 1860

Krebsbach, Peter b: c1850

Kuchenbecker, William b: 1871

Kuhn, George b: 1854

Lacy, John S.

Lake, Gideon b: 1829

Lamb, Charles b: 1831

Lambert, W.P. b: 1880

Lang, Henry b: 1842

Lang, Henry, 1840-1919

Langworthy, Benjamin F. b: 1822

Larson, Arthur b: 1878

Larson, Jens b: 1873

Larson, Knute

Launsbury, Alfred b: 1829

Launsbury, Purdy b: 1836

Lausen, Peter b: 1863

Leek, Clifford C., M.D. b: 1873

Leverich, Chauncey

Lewis, Lee b: 1870

Lewis, William

Liesenfeld, John b: 1829

Lightly, Henry W. b: 1838

Lightley, Henry W.

Lindsley, Abijah b: 1823

Lockwood, Jr., Henry b: 1879

Lockwood, Sr., Henry J.

Lockwood, Henry J. b: 1837

Lokke, Martin b: 1872

Lokke, Thron b: 1847

Lott, Abraham S. b: 1832

Lott, Colbert b: 1855

Loucks, George b: 1848

Lounsbury -- See Launsbury

Lovell, Arthur B. b: 1871

Lovell, B. W.

Lund, O. T. b: 1848

Lybeck, Andrew b: 1861

Lyle, Robert b: 1808

Lyons, Harcar b: abt 1845





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