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Taney, J.C. b: 1878

Tanner, De Los b: 1847

Tanner, De Los b: 1847

Tanner, Hiram E. b: 1817

Tanner, James M. b: 1844

Taylor, Henry b: 1820

Temanson, Sever b: 1860

Temanson, Teman b: 1852

Terlinden, Jacob

Terlinden, John b: 1858

Terry, H.S.

Terry, Walter R. b: 1857

Thatcher, Joseph b: 1846

Thompson, Gilbert b: 1844

Thompson, John b: 1828

Thompson, John b: 1841

Thompson, Knute b: 1850

Thompson, Lewis b: 1827

Thompson, Theodore b: 1861

Thornhill, Samuel Dr. 1821-1879

Thorvson, Halver b: 1846

Thorson, Olaus b: 1861

Tifft, Hannah

Todalen, Andrew b: 1850

Todd, William b: 1857

Tonding, Nels b: 1870

Torkelson, Peter b: 1881

Tow, Lewis b: 1873

Trowbridge, Miles M. b: 1843

Truesdell, Galen b: 1865

Truesdell, William b: 1829

Tubbs, Daniel J. b: 1825

Tubbs, David

Tubbs, Emery LaVern b: 1853

Turtdal, Hans b: 1857

Ulmer, Fred b: 1880

Ulwelling, Nicholas b: c1840

Ulwelling, Nicholas

Underdahl, B. b: 1863

Vail, Glenn W. b: 1877

Vail, Henry H. b: 1821

Vail, John R. b: 1833

Van Bronkhorst, Anthony d: 1909

Van Bronkhorst, Everard b: 1878

Van Camp, W. L. b: 1876

Van Winkle, James b: 1825

Vandegrift, J.M. b: 1849

Vandegrift, John b: 1808

Varco, Thomas

Varco, Thomas d: 1893

Varco, Maitland E.

Varco, Charles b: 1853

Vaughan, A. B. b: 1806

Vaughan, Daniel B. b: 1835

Vaughan, John b: 1832

Volstad, G.K. b: 1837

Vosburgh, Martin b: 1861

Wagner, John b: 1850

Washburn, Emma H., M.D.

Washburn, Seth S. b: 1826

Waterman, Ida (Ferris) b: 1855

West, Charles L. b: 1846

West, Charles b: 1846

Wheeler, Eber O. b: 1839

White, C.E. b: 1845

Wilcox, Solomon b: 1793

Wilder, Alanson B. b: 1864

Wiste, Andrew A. b: 1851

Witham, William H.

Wood, George b: 1828

Woodbury, James M.

Wright, Ben b: 1837

Yates, Jerry b: 1829

York, Oscar R. b: 1843

Young, Vonda Ames b: 1933




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