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Mower County Biographies - Surnames

















Surnames A and B

Adams, Gordon C. b: 1823

Affeldt, Christian, Rev. b: 1876

Aldahl, Lars Olson 1856-1940

Aldal, Torkal Olson b: 1844

Allen, Arthur West b: 1862

Allen, G.H. b: 1834

Allen, Orlenzer b: 1826

Allen, Orlenzer b: 1826

Allrick, Knute A. b: 1867

Alrick, Andrew A.

Alrick, Erick b: 1865

Alsdurff, G.M. b: 1824

Ames, Ezra b: 1826

Ames, Henry b: 1858

Ames, John b: 1935

Ames, Laurence b: 1908

Ames Jacobsen, Vonda b: 1933

Anderson, Andrew H. b: 1843

Anderson, Andrew b: 1850

Anderson, Chris b: 1863

Anderson, George b: 1976

Anderson, John H. b: 1872

Anderson, John b: 1872

Anderson Quaile, Knud b: 1823

Anderson, Ole b: 1849

Anderson, Oscar Albin b: 1916

Anderson, Ralph Arthur b: 1884

Anderson, Sven b: 1842

Armstrong, Moses b: 1832

Aultfather, James b: 1874

Aultfather, David b: c1830

Austenson, Theodore b: 1879

Austinson/Ostensen, Ole b:1847

Avery, Coyt b: 1856

Backus Fairbanks, Ellen 1834-1885

Bacon, Americus b: 1839

Bagley, Henry

Bagley, Henry b: 1845

Bagley, Robert b: 1868

Bagley, Robert b: 1868

Baird, G. Fred b: 1859

Baird, George b: 1833 #1 of 2

Baird, George b: 1833 #2 of 2

Baird, Lyman b: circa 1870

Baldner, Philip

Banfield, Nathan b: 1860

Banfield, Herbert b: 1868

Barnitz, Robert b: 1882

Barnitz, Charles b: c1850

Basford, Henry b: 1838

Bassett, Edward 1819-1897

Bassett, George b: 1862

Bassler, William b: 1872

Baudler, William b: 1834

Baudler, Carl b: 1879

Baudler, Otto b: 1881

Beach, Alanson, Rev. b: 1808

Beach, Frank b: 1866

Beach, John b: 1833 -- #1 of 2

Beach, John b: 1833 -- #2 of 2

Beach, Wilson b: 1836

Beattie, Thomas b: 1847

Beck, Joseph b: 1868

Bell, C. Perry b: 1828

Benton, George b: 1832

Belden, Clarendon b: 1848

Bell, Alexander b: 1846

Bell, Christopher b: 1828

Bell, Grace b: 1911

Bemis. Edward

Bemis, Oliver b: 1819

Benton, George b: 1832

Benton, George W. b: 1832

Billings, Alonzo b: 1820

Blom, John O. b: 1871

Bohn, Simon T. b: 1881

Bonnallie, Thomas 1819-1900

Bonnallie, William b: 1851

Boody, Herbert b: 1872

Boostrom, Charles b: 1864

Bosworth, Daniel b: 1828

Bosworth, Edward S. b: 1871

Bowers, Jacob S. b: 1829

Bowers, Merrill b: 1872

Boyd, R.A. b: 1874

Boyd, Robert M. b: 1846

Boyer, Anson b: 1829

Boynton, Anson C. b: 1815

Brooks, Riley b: 1846

Brown, Asa d: 1876

Brown, Andrew D.

Brown, Andrew D.

Brown, Charles b: 1849

Brown, Hosmer A. b: 1832

Brown, Hosmer A. b: 1830

Brown, William b: 1843

Brownell, James R. b: 1839

Brownlow, Charles b: 1872

Brownlow, Joseph

Burnham, George b: 1854

Bushman, Barney b: 1841




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