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Mower County Biographies - Surnames










Surnames P, Q, R


Paape, Albert b: 1860

Pace, Philo b: 1843

Pace, William b: 1803

Pace, William b: 1881

Padden, Ira E. 1858-1949

Padden, Ira E. b: 1858

Padden, Ira E. b: 1858

Padden, Ira W. 1824-1865

Padden, Mary Ann 1843-1911

Page, Alfred b: 1865

Page, Sherman

Palmer, Joseph b: 1830

Parmenter, Mason J. b: 1852

Parmenter, Mason J. b: 1852

Parker, Hervey, Elder b: 1812

Parritt, Mahlon b: 1789

Parrot (Parritt), Mahlon b: 1789

Patterson, William b: 1832

Peachey, Charles b: 1849

Pearce, George b: 1844

Peck, Albert E. b: 1834

Peck, Monroe b: 1818

Pederson, Martin b: 1872

Peirson, Frederick b: 1834

Peirson, Homer b: 1867

Peirson, John

Peterson, Helge b: 1852

Peterson, Henry b: 1859

Peterson, James b: 1844

Peterson, Peter G.

Peterson, Peter b: 1841

Peterson, Peter b: 1846

Pick, George b: 1839

Pierce, David A. b: 1830

Pike, Frank b: 1856

Pike, Isiah b: 1832

Pike, Verne Clement b: 1897

Pike Transportation Service

Pinkava, J. A. b: 1863

Pitcher, Charles b: 1872

Plum, Aaron b: abt 1840

Plum, James b: 1865

Pollard, Charles Dexter

Pollard, Edward C. b: 1868

Porter, Andrew b: 1829

Price, Edwin b: 1848

Probst, Angeline (Axen)

Probst, Charles (Carl)

Prosser, Lowry b: 1850

Prosser, William Glenn b: 1880

Quackenbush, S.L. b: 1842

Quackenbush, Solon L. b: 1842

Quaile, Knud Anderson b: 1823

Quale, Ole Alfson b: 1842

Rahilly, John

Ranney, W.W.

Ray, F.G. b: 1841

Ray, Isaac

Rebne, Arne b: 1861

Reding, John b: 1863

Reed, George b: 1853

Reed, Robert

Reinartz, Joseph b: 1865

Revord, J.B. b: 1830

Revord, John B.

Revord, Thomas b: 1866

Reynolds, Alexander, Rev. B: 1833

Reynolds, Perry b: 1847

Rhoades, Orasmus b: 1817

Rhoades, Oscar b: 1845

Rice, Charles L. b: 1865

Rice, Charles M.

Rice, Samuel B.

Rice, Samuel W. b: 1834

Richards, Richard b: 1833

Richards, Robert b: 1870

Richardson, Alfred

Roberts, Henry

Roberts, John R.

Robertson, Burton

Robertson, George

Robertson, George

Robertson, John b: 1836

Robertson, John

Robinson, John E. b: 1837

Robinson, John E. b: 1837

Roble, Ignatius

Roble, T.N. b: 1875

Roe, Axel

Roe, Heman B.

Roe, Orson

Rochford, Thomas b: 1856

Rogers, Caleb b: 1855

Rogers, G.M.F. b: 1874

Rogers, Henry b: 1834

Rogers, James b: 1873

Rogers, William M.

Rolfe (Rolph), George b: 1857

Rollings, Reuben b: 1825

Rolph, George b: 1857

Rongley, John H. b: 1843

Rose, John W. b: circa 1815

Roy, Charles b: 1842

Rudlong, Engbret b: 1857

Rudlong, Knute b: 1864

Rudolph, Hans b: 1856

Rugg, Jay J. b: 1872

Rugg, William b: 1877

Rutherford, William b: 1822





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