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Mower County Biographies - Surnames










Surnames F, G, H


Fairbanks, Alfred

Fairbanks, Alonzo

Fairbanks, Caswell b: 1835

Fairbanks, Ellen, Dr. 1834-1885

Fairbanks, Guy b: 1873

Fairbanks, Henry b: 1869

Fairbanks, John b: 1840

Fairbanks, John b: 1857

Fairbanks, Luke b: 1838

Finhart, Ole b: 1824

Fisch, M.S. b: 1862

Fitzsimmons, Patrick

Flikki, C.J. b: 1859

Foote, L.A. b: 1837

Forthun, Samuel & Anna b:~1830

Forthun, Samuel Olson b: 1830

Frank, John b: 1834

Frank, John b: 1834

Franklin, George b: about 1860

Friend, Philip b: 1859

Frisbie, Stephen b: 1824-1902

Furlong, J.J. b: 1849

Furlong, John b: 1849

Furlong, William b: 1798

Furtney, Joseph b: 1875

Furtney, Josiah

Galloway, Albert b: 1822

Galloway, John Elbert

Gemmel, Andrew b: 1819

Geraghty, Patrick b: 1822

Gibson, Roger P. 1817-1833

Gilbertson, John J. b: 1855

Gillam, Clarence G. b: 1884

Gillett, L. C. b: 1833

Goebel, Edward b: 1883

Goodsell, Winfield H. b: 1861

Goodwin, Nels C. 1883-1969

Goslee, James 1831-1919

Goslee, William 1826-1904

Goslee, William N.

Graves, J.B. b: 1829

Greening, Charles F.

Greenman, John b: 1837

Gregg, Ashley b: 1849

Gregg, John W. b: 1823

Gregson, Matthew b: 1838

Gregson, Wallace b: 1871

Griffith, Luther b: 1824

Grimshaw, George b: 1833

Gue, Moses D.

Guiney, Daniel


Guinney, Jeremiah b: 1842

Gullickson, Knud b: 1828

Hall, Reuben b: abt 1800

Hall, Reuben Oscar b: 1829

Hammond, H. S.

Haney, Frank b: 1859

Haney, Jonas b: 1828 #1

Haney, Jonas b: 1828 #2

Haney, Leonard J. b: 1892

Haney, M.J.

Hansen, Hans J. b: 1846

Hansen, Lars b: 1857

Hanson, Peter b: 1850

Hardy, Nathan d: 1888

Harper, William b:1822

Hart, Eugene b: 1870

Hart, Joel

Hart, Silas Burton b: 1855

Hawkins, John b: 1833

Hayes, Wentworth b: 1831

Hedemark, Bernt & Olivia

Hegge, Christian b: 1866

Hegge, Olav b: 1872

Hendrickson, Iver b: 1845

Henslin, Aaron b: 1865

Herzog, George b: 1873

Hickok, Alden b: 1856

Hickok, John b: 1830

Hildahl, Mrs. G.S.

Hilker, Benjamin b: 1843

Hill, O.J. b: 1835

Hill, F. L.

Hines, Thomas b: 1871

Hirsh, George b: 1856

Hoban, Patrick b: 1847

Hobson, Andrew b: 1877

Hobson, Robert b: 1845

Hogan, Kellsey b: 1991

Hollister, Abram b: abt 1840

Hollister, W.L. b: 1837

Hollister, William b: 1837

Hoppin, Edward b: 1842

Hormel, George b: 1860

Hormel Family Photo Album

Hormel Family Tombstone Photos

Hotson, Atkins b: 1851

Howe, Isaac b: abt 1840

Howe, William b: 1835

Hubbard, Horace b: 1832

Hurd, Hannah b: c 1840

Hynie, William b: 1874





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