Biographical Sketch of

Nels Cornelius Goodwin

April 11, 1883-Aug. 1, 1969

NELS CORNELIUS GOODWIN was baptized on June 24, 1883 at the Red Oak Lutheran Church with the following sponsors: Knud Thorstenson (Thompson) and wife, Sissel (grandparents), Theodore Thompson, and Ragnild P. Larson (Lien).

Nels and his brother, Knute, were the only members of the Goodwin children to survive when tuberculosis claimed their seven brothers and sisters. Their father died at 52 in 1900 and their mother died of burns in 1907. It was never easy for either of the two brothers to talk of all the tragedy they had known, so not too much is known about family life in that home.

  • 41 years Red Oak Grove Creamery board
  • Mower Co. Farmers Mutual Insurance board
  • Charter member Mower Co. Farm Bureau
  • 1950 Skelly Outstanding Farmer Award

Source: Eleanor Bergersen


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