Biographical Sketch of

C.J. Flikki

C.J. Flikki, a hard working farmer of Lodi Township, was born in Norway in 1859, son of George Flikki, who is still living in that county, and is now past eighty-one years of age. The subject of this sketch came to this country in 1882. He made the voyage early in the spring, and the progress of the vessel was slow, having been on the steam boat twenty-one days from Liverpool, England.

For four days the ship was ice-bound, and although Quebec was the destination, a landing was made at Halifax and the passengers taken to Quebec by rail. C. Flikki went directly to Vernon County, Wisconsin, worked there two years, went to Mower county and stayed there two years, then went to North Dakota and worked out six years, subsequently went to Goodhue county in this state, where he rented land four years, and finally came to Mower county, where he purchased land in section 27, Lodi township, and where he has since successfully followed general farming.

He is Lutheran in religion and a Republican in politics. His interest in education is shown by the fact that he served many years as a member of the school board of district 80. In 1890, Mr. Flikki married Christina Thompson of Mower County, and this union has resulted in five children: Cora Josephine, Hattie Carolina, George Urdahl, Henry Nitter and Arthur Clarence. Hattie, George and Henry are at school and doing well in their studies.

It is worthy of note that in 1899 Mr. Flikki went to Norway, visited his old home, talked with old friends, and remained until April, 1900. While he was there he visited the most principal cites in that country, where his brothers are in business and also some of his relations.

History of Mower County, Minnesota 1911

Transcribed by Mark Ashley