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RootsWeb's Guide to Tracing Family Trees

New to genealogy? Maybe your not new but at a dead end. Check out this guide, you may find a place you hadn't thought to look. Newbies should start at "Where to begin" link under "General Subjects" Guide to Tracing Family Trees

Writing Effective Queries

Not getting the responses to your queries you expected? Maybe it's the way you are writing them. I know I've seen a lot of bad queries out there. Here is a great article on writing effective queries.

Land Survey Systems

Here is a great article on Land Survey Systems. If you have a legal description for land this will show you how to find it in the real world. Click here for Land Survey Systems


In 2005, the LDS Family History Library announced that it has begun the process of digitizing & making available on the Internet ALL of the Family History books in their collection. At that time, about 5000 books were available, and they were adding about 100 titles a week. Books out of copyright are being done first.

The images of these Family History books are actually being stored on the electronic servers at Brigham Young University. By going directly to the BYU website to view the images, you are able to full-text searches on each book. You can now locate the small entry on your elusive grandpa that is buried in one of the books that you would otherwise never thought to look at before.


Go to the website of the Harold B. Lee Library at BYU at:

On their home page follow the links
"Find Other Materials/
Then: "Electronic/
Then: "On Line Collections at BYU."

Click on the "Text Collections" tab & select the "Family History Archive" from the list of collections that are displayed. You would then normally want to use the "Search All" feature with the "Search All Text" box checked, although the "Advanced Search" will allow very high-powered searches that will allow certain phrases to be searched for & other words to be used to exclude potential hits.

As you make selections from the "hits" that are displayed, you will need to use the "Click Here To View Item" button near the top of the screen to display the actual image of the page. You can page through the entire document using the index displayed on the left side of the screen. Each page may be printed after being viewed. One interesting sidelight is, when you are at the first web page for the Family History Archive, click on the "Browse the Collection" button. This will display every Family History book that has been digitized and is available in the collection. You can scroll through this list much the same as if you were walking up & down the stacks at the library."

Privacy and the Internet

A great article discussing privacy issues that you as a genealogist should be aware of.
Click Here

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