Biographical Sketch of

John E. Robinson

Few faces are more familiar to the citizens of Mower County than that of John E. Robinson, for many years a popular hotel keeper in Austin. He was born on a farm near Rochester, N.Y. in 1837. His chances for an education were excellent and wisely improved. He was admitted to the bar in 1859 and practiced in the east until 1862, when he came to Lansing, Mower county, to make his future home.

He was married in 1858, to Miss Libbie Hutchingson. His first winter in the west was spent in the old Lansing School house. In the fall of 1862 he enlisted in the Second Minnesota Cavalry, and remained in the service until mustered out in December, 1865. Returning home, the new brick schoolhouse invited him within her walls for the winter term, and for many subsequent terms as well. He has taught under every Superintendent since, except the present one.

Many a resident of this county attributes his first interest in study was his wise tuition. The winter of 1866 and '67 he dealt in grain at Owatonna, which city was very lively just then on account of its new railroad. In 1874 he removed his family to Lansing village, that his children might have better school facilities. He came to Austin in July, 1882 and engaged in the hotel business.

He is still owner of the popular Hotel Robinson, which he has just leased to parties for a term of five years. He also manages the Adams Express business in this city. He has always taken an active part in politics and lent a hand in all public enterprises. He was a delegate to the famous Waseca convention, when Ward and Dunnell had such a bitter fight over the double convention. He has always been an earnest worker for temperance.

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