Mower County, Minnesota

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Louis A. Sherman

b: 1870

Louis A. Sherman, secretary and treasurer of the Gilbert Improved Corrugated Culvert Co., Austin, was born in Edgerton, Wisconsin, November 20, 1870, son of Loran W. and Kate (Wilcox) Sherman. He was brought to Lyle, in Mower county, in 1871, and received his education in the public schools of Lyle, afterward taking a course in the Cedar Valley Seminary, at Osage, Iowa. After leaving school he worked at the lumber business with his father until 1906, when he engaged in the general merchandise business with I. F. and S. H. Dahl under the firm name of Dahl Bros & Sherman.

In 1908, when the Gilbert Improved Corrugated Culvert Company was organized, he assumed his present position, coming' to Austin in the spring of 1909. While at Lyle, Mr. Sherman was a member of the school board, as well as village recorder, and he still retains his interests in the Lyle Telephone Company. Since coming to Austin he has allied himself with the Austin Commercial Club.

The subject of this sketch was married June 27, 1893, to J. Sophie Dahl, of Otranto, Iowa. This union has been blessed with three children: Lloyd H. was born March 24, 1894, and died April 12, 1896; Marion F. was born July 13, 1896, and Fayette W. was born October 24, 1900.




Loran W. Sherman

b: 1840

Loran W. Sherman, for many years prominently identified with the business and civic progress of Lyle, was born in May ville, Chautauqua county, N. Y., March 11, 1840, son of Beman B. and Olive (Scott) Sherman. They were born respectively in Windsor county, Vermont, February 26, 1811, and in Massachusetts, August 4, 1815. They were married January 4, 1838, and lived in Mayville, N. Y., until 1856, when they removed to Edgerton, Wis., where they both died, the father in 1897, and the mother in 1876.

Loran received his education in the common schools and in the Mayville academy, and came west with his parents at the age of sixteen. As a youth he engaged in farming and teaching in Rock county, Wisconsin, until August 23, 1864, when he enlisted in the Thirty-eighth Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, serving in the Army of the Potomac under General Grant around Petersburg, Va., until wounded in the final and victorious assault on that stronghold, April 2, 1865.

He was discharged at Madison, Wis., June 14, 1865. At the close of the war he went to Iowa and engaged in railroad work at various points.

In 1871 he became a buyer for the Bassett-Huntting Company, grain dealers, at Lyle. At the same time he became proprietor of a lumber and coal business, continuing the same until 1906, at which time he retired, moving to Minneapolis three years later. He took an active part in the affairs of the village, was elected first mayor of Lyle, served as justice of the peace for a time, and was clerk of the school district of Lyle village from its organization until 1907.

He belongs to the Congregational church and affiliates with the John A. Rawlins Post, No. 126, G. A. R., of Minnesota. The subject of this sketch married, in 1868, Miss Cathleen B. Wilcox, of Pennsylvania, and of this union one son is living, Louis A. Sherman, of Austin. Mrs. Cathleen Sherman died in July, 1875. In August, 1876, Mr. Sherman married Marion F. Wilcox, and this union has been blessed with two daughters, Laura I. and Edna L., both of whom live with their parents in Minneapolis.




Lyman Allen Sherwood

b: 1833

Lyman Allen Sherwood, now deceased, was one of the early clerks of court in Mower county. He was born in Somerset, Niagara county, New York, in 1833, son of Marston and Tryphena (Meade) Sherwood, descended from early New York and Vermont families. At the age of eighteen he left the farm, and for some years he and his brother instructed singing schools in various places.

Later he came to Merton, Wis., and conducted a store until 1857, when he came to Austin and purchased property. A little more than a year later he took up his residence here. In December, 1862, he was married to Alta Isabella Albro, daughter of Martin Albro and Harriet Attillia Hutchinson, his wife.

In the fall of 1862 he enlisted in Company C, Ninth Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, as a private, and shortly after was appointed first lieutenant, and after nine months' service on the frontier, went south, and served nearly to the close of the war, returning on account of sickness. Upon his return to Austin he served as deputy provost marshal for this district. He served for some years as clerk of the court, as postmaster, and also in minor offices.

He died in May, 1873, leaving besides his wife, four children: Gertrude M., now Mrs. S. D. Catherwood; Lyman Allen, of Chicago; Ira Burt, of Austin; and Grace B., superintendent of schools for Mower county. Mrs. Sherwood (Alta Isabella Albro) was born in Rochester, New York, April 6, 1844, daughter of Martin Albro, who settled in Rochester at an early day and became a prominent official of that place. After the death of Martin Albro, his wife (Harriet Attillia Hutchinson) married Joshua L. Davidson, and in 1857 the family came to Austin. Mrs. Sherwood is one of the oldest settlers of Austin, and has taken a prominent part in all movements for the betterment of the city and county.




George M. Shortt

b: 1862

George M. Shortt, cashier of the State Bank of Brownsdale, was born in Winona county in 1862, son of Martin and Matilda (Norman) Shortt. He attended the district schools, and the State Normal at Winona, learned telegraphy and entered the railroad service, being agent and operator for the C., M. & St. P. twenty years. Was elected cashier of the Bank of Brownsdale,. then a private bank, in 1905. When the State Bank of Brownsdale was organized in 1908 he retained that position, and his integrity and honor, as well as courtesy have been an important factor in the success of the institution. Mr. Shortt has allied himself with the Masons and the A. O. U. W.

He married Etta J. Sanborn, daughter of John and Mary (Cheesebro) Sanborn. They have two children, Marie M., aged twelve years, and Dorris M., aged four years.




Martin Shortt

d: 1864

Martin Shortt was born in Montreal, Canada, of French extraction, and married Matilda Norman, a native of Boston. After their marriage they lived in Bakersfield, Vt., and later came to Winona County, Minnesota.

Martin enlisted in the Ninth Minnesota Volunteer Infantry, did valiant service, and died in Andersonville prison, September 15, 1864. They were the parents of four children, three of whom are living: Eunice, Elizabeth and George M. Eunice is the wife of Albro Danforth, and Elizabeth married Charles Johnson.




Ed. J. Shaw

b: 1868

Ed. J. Shaw, a well-known citizen of Marshall township, was born in 1868, in the township wherein he still resides. His father, John Shaw, was a native of Norway, came to America, settled in Wisconsin, and later moved to Mower county, where he purchased eighty acres in Marshall township. Ed. J. was educated in the public schools, and early in life began work as a farm hand. He later rented land, and then purchased eighty acres where he now lives, making at the present time a specialty of dairying and grain raising.

In 1902, the subject of this sketch married Tilda Lee, a native of Norway, and this union has been blessed with one daughter, a pupil in the public schools. The family worships at the Lutheran church.




Byron E. Shutt

b: 1864

Byron E. Shutt, the genial proprietor of the Grand Hotel, at Austin, was born at Fort Wayne, Allen county, Ind., April 8, 1864, son of Daniel and Barbara (Cope) Shutt, the former of whom died December 9, 1906, and the latter of whom is now living at Spring Valley, Fillmore county, this state.

Byron E. lived at, Ft. Wayne, Ind., until eighteen years of age, and then spent a winter in Canton, Fillmore county, Minn. The following spring he went to Duluth, Minn., clerked in a hardware store a year and then returned to Canton, where he spent four years on his father's farm. Subsequently he farmed for a similar period in Iowa. Then he came to Mower county, purchased a quarter section in Frankford township, and a year later a similar tract in Howard county, Iowa. Still later he located on a farm in Racine township and farmed there until 1906, when he came to Austin and opened a livery stable in the building that has since been remodeled as the Elk Hotel.

Later he went to Cresco, Iowa, and made his first venture in the hotel business. Thus equipped with suitable experience, he came back to Austin and purchased the Grand. He conducts a first-class place in every respect, the rooms of the Grand being well furnished and comfortable at all seasons and his table being excellent in every respect.

Mr. Shutt was married October 26, 1886, to Etta A. Brode, who has proven a most able helpmeet in all his undertakings. To this union have been born four children: Mark C. is a student in the State University of Iowa; Claude E. is in the Dakotas, and Joy and Etta are dead. HISTORY OF MOWER COUNTY, 1911



George T. Siegel

George T. Siegel, of the firm of Siegel Brothers, hardware dealers of Sargeant village, was born in Pittsfield, Mass., son of Casper and Margaret (Geitz) Siegel, and was by them brought to Mower county in 1877. He grew to manhood on section 24, Waltham township, received a good education in the schools of his neighborhood, and later took a three years' course in Minneapolis. As a young man he entered the law offices of Empty & Empty, but after eighteen months, deciding that the vocation of a lawyer was not one well suited to his temperament, he returned home and assisted on the home farm for a while. Something over three years ago George T. and his brother Frank formed their present partnership and embarked in business.

Their trade has grown rapidly, the brothers being known for their honest dealings and business sagacity. Mr. Siegel is a member of the Modern Woodmen. HISTORY OF MOWER COUNTY, MN 1911



Casper Siegel

Casper Siegel was born in Germany and married Margaret Geitz, a native of the same country. He came to America in the forties, landed in New York, remained there for a time and then went to Pittsfield, Mass., where he was foreman in a large mill. In 1864 he came to Mower county, looked over the farm land, then went back to Pittsfield, but in 1877 came again to Mower county, bringing his family with him and establishing his home on section 24, Waltham township, where he carried on farming and reared his family. HISTORY OF MOWER COUNTY, 1911



O. J. Simmons

b: 1857

O. J. Simmons. It has been said that the man who conducts a model office and gives the best possible service to the public is a man possessed of all the attributes that are necessary to conduct any other business successfully.

He is the man who can look at every question that arises and see both sides of it. He is one who takes all the facts into consideration before rendering a decision. He is one who sets a proper example for the employees under his supervision and then requires them to perform their duties in a thorough going and businesslike manner. He requires the proper discipline to maintain a high standard of efficiency, and treats each case of violation or infraction of the rules on its merits and without regard to who the individual may be. He must show some interest in the welfare of the employees and encourage them whenever he can if he expects to have them exert themselves when occasion requires for the exigencies of the service demand it.

In postoffices where the postmaster possesses these qualifications and puts them into practical effect, the service is always satisfactory to the public, the postmaster and the employees work in perfect harmony and, as a rule, the office is looked upon and referred to as a model one. Such a man is O. J. Simmons, postmaster at Austin.

He was born in Rush county, Indiana, November 10, 1857, son of Joseph and Frances (Wilson) Simmons, of honored memory. In July, 1874, 0. J. came to Minnesota with his parents, and after living in Rochester a year, came with them to Dexter. Like other boys of his period and circumstances, he attended school and worked on the farm. At the age of twenty-two he started work in a store in the village of Dexter, and later went to Rochester, and engaged in the insurance business. Later he returned to Dexter and conducted a hotel.

He was later elected clerk of court for Mower county, and served from 1895 to 1907. March, 1907, was the date of his appointment as postmaster. In 1911 he was reappointed. Mr. Simmons is a staunch Republican, and it goes without saying that he has occupied many offices in the places wherein he has resided. He has been delegate to political conventions, and is now chairman of the Republican county central committee. In fraternal circles he is no less prominent. He has occupied offices in practically all the leading lodges in Austin, and is as well, a chapter Mason.

He has been through the chairs of the Elks, Knights of Pythias and other orders, and has been delegate to many fraternal conventions. From July, 1904, to July, 1905, he was district deputy grand exalted ruler for the southern district of Minnesota in the B. P. 0. E. under Grand Exalted Ruler J. O'Brien. The subject of this sketch was married February 17, 1881, to Mary W. Swan, daughter of Robert and Mary W. (Brooke) Swan. HISTORY OF MOWER COUNTY, 1911



Carl C. Skogstad

b: 1855

Carl C. Skogstad, one of the supervisors of Frankford township, is a native of Norway, born January 3, 1855, son of Christian and Caren Skogstad, both of whom spent the span of their years in Norway. Carl C. attended the public schools in Norway, and in 1872 came to America. For five years he did farm and saw-mill work in various places, and then came to Frankford township, where he worked out as a farm hand for seven years.

In 1884 he purchased 160 acres of land in sections 8 and 17, developed the land, erected a fine home and the necessary outbuildings, and carried on general farming. He has recently sold ninety acres, leaving him seventy which he conducts with much success. He is a Republican and aside from his town office has been director of his school district for several years.

He is a stockholder in the Farmers' Co-operative Creamery at Grand Meadow, and also has other holdings. Mr. Skogstad is a member of the M. W. A. and a communicant of the Lutheran church. He was married December 29, 1882, to Regnald Florrend, born in Norway, June 10, 1850, daughter of Olaf andMartha Steffens, who came to America in 1852 and in 1856 located in Frankford.

Mr. and Mrs. Skogstad have three children: Clarence was born April 11, 1883, and is a clerk in Grand Meadow; Otis was born October 10, 1886, and is a student at St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minn.; Cora M. was born February 20, 1889, and lives at home. Simon E. Severson, for six years deputy sheriff of Mower county, and for fifteen years constable of Racine township, was born in Norway, February 10, 1860, son of Erick and Marie Severson, also natives of that country.

In July, 1861, the family came to America, landed at Quebec, and made their way directly to Mower county. Here Erick purchased eighty acres of railroad land in Racine township and raised grain. He still lives on his original purchase, his wife, Marie, having died January 27, 1907. Simon E. was educated in the country schools and until his marriage assisted his father on the farm, working out to earn such money as he needed for his personal wants. In 1901 he acquired forty acres in section 33, by inheritance, and to this he has added forty acres more. On this tract he conducts general farming, raising the usual crops as well as Shorthorn cattle and Poland China hogs. He was married September 19, 1896, to Helen Halverson, and to this union has been born one daughter, Elise. The family faith is that of the Lutheran church.




A. L. Sims

b: 1840

A. L. Sims, retired hotel keeper of Brownsdale, and veteran of the Civil War, was born in Erie county, Ohio, December 7, 1840, son of Abraham and Susan (Barr) Sims. He was reared on the farm, and in 1862 enlisted in Company C, Fifty-first Illinois Volunteer Infantry. He saw much active service and participated in the following engagements: Battle of Dallas, Georgia; battles of Chickamauga and Mission Ridge; battle of Stone river; battle of Franklin; battle of Peach Tree creek; siege of Atlanta, Georgia, and charge of Kennesaw mountain. He was wounded at the battle of Dallas, Georgia. Mr. Sims was discharged March 9, 1865, after three years of service.

In 1867 he married Mary Ann Nichols, of Iroquois, Illinois, and that same year came to Brownsdale, where he farmed and conducted a hotel for several years. Mr. Sims is prominent in G. A. R. circles and has been a member of Colonel Rogers post, No. 11, G. A. R., for many years. He is the father of three children: Frank, Nellie and Mary. HISTORY OF MOWER COUNTY, 1911



John H. Skinner

b: 1864

John H. Skinner, managing editor of the Austin Herald, daily and weekly, was born in Northampton, Mass., August 13, 1864, son of Thomas and Rosamond (Reece) Skinner. The family moved to South Hadley, Mass., where John H. was reared. After leaving school he took up newspaper work, came to Mower county in 1896, and became proprietor of the Herald two years later.

In 1907 he disposed of a half interest to Fred C. Ulmer. Mr. Skinner was married June 26, 1900, to Gertrude C. Ellis, daughter of Allen V. and Helen (Quain) Ellis. Mrs. Skinner was born in Mower county, has traveled extensively in Europe, and was superintendent of Mower county schools ten years. She is now associate editor of the Herald.




C. M. Skyhawk

b: 1860

C. M. Skyhawk, one of the prominent men of Racine township, was born in Mower county, July 25, 1860, son of Lewis and Mary Skyhawk, who came to Minnesota from Indiana in 1856. They were typical pioneers, coming the whole distance in ox wagons and homesteading 160 acres in section 29, Racine township. Lewis Skyhawk died in 1863 and his wife in 1891.

C. M. was educated in the schools of Mower county and was reared on a farm. At the age of nineteen he started working out by the month and subsequently purchased eighty acres of the old homestead. On this place he has since resided, carrying on general farming and raising cattle for beef and dairy purposes. He sells cream to the Racine Farmers' Co-operative Creamery, in which he is one of the stockholders.

On May 12, 1886, he married Emma B. Espensehied, daughter of John Espensehied, a farmer of Racine township, now deceased. John Espenschied came to Mower county before the war and after enlisting saw service on the frontier against the Indians. To Mr. and Mrs. Skyhawk have been born four children: Mertie, who is one of the successful teachers of -Mower county; Gladys E., who is a telephone operator; Alta J., wife of Charles A. Cady, of Racine, and Stanley M., who is at home. The subject of this sketch belongs to the M. TW. A. and to the A. F. & A. M. He is a Republican in politics, was town supervisor twelve years and director of school district 33 for fifteen years.




Carlos 0. Sleeper

b: 1852

Carlos 0. Sleeper was born in Fairfax, Vt., June 18, 1852, son of A. L. and Elbertine (Church) Sleeper. Like his brothers and sister, he came to a farm near Brownsdale in 1864, his father having located on the place two years earlier. He entered his father's store at a suitable age, and was later received into partnership. He now manages the establishment in partnership with his son, Jay M.

The subject of this sketch married Hattie Warren, born in Dodge county, Wisconsin, August 1, 1856, daughter of John and Helen R. Warren. They are the parents of four children: Mabel H.; Ruth, wife of R. B. Bailey; Claire M.; and Jay M. Mr. Sleeper has been engaged continuously in the mercantile business since twenty-four years of age. He has held a number of local offices of the Baptist church.




William B. Sleeper

b: 1856

William B. Sleeper was born in Fairfax, Vt., June 16, 1856, son of A. L. and Elbertine (Church) Sleeper, and came with his parents to a farm near Brownsdale in 1864, his father having arrived two years earlier. He attended school in Brownsdale, entered his father's store and at the age of twenty-one was made a partner with his father and brothers.

Since 1903 he has devoted his time entirely to the land business, having done a large and lucrative business. He owns and rents farms in various parts of the township of Red Rock, and has other business holdings.

Mr. Sleeper married for his first wife, Edna Gillett, daughter of L. C. and Amelia (Dunlap) Gillett. She died January 18, 1881. October 16, 1884, Mr. Sleeper married Emma Rummings, daughter of John and Mary A. Rummings. The subject of this sketch is at present worthy master of Lafayette Lodge, No. 116, A. F. & A. M., is also mayor of the village of Brownsdale and president of the Red Rock Creamery Association.




Charles A. Sleeper

b: 1848

Charles A. Sleeper was born in Fairfax, Vt., August 12, 1848, son of A. L. and Elbertine (Church) Sleeper. He spent his early life in his father's store and is now engaged in the dry goods and notion business, which enterprise he started in 1905.

He was married to Delia, daughter of L. C. and Amelia (Dunlap) Gillett, and to this union has been born one child, Edna. Mr. Sleeper is a member of the M. W. A. and attends the Baptist church.


Note: Charles died in 1922 and was buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Austin, Minnesota.



Ozro A. Sleeper

b: 1850

Ozro A. Sleeper was born in Fairfax, Vt., August 31, 1850, son of A. L. and Elbertine (Church) Sleeper, and was brought to Mower county in 1864, his father having located on a farm near Brownsdale two years previous.

After completing his school days, he entered his father's store and engaged with other members of the family in the general mercantile business until 1905, when he took over the business of manufacturing the Sleeper lightning flypaper, which was invented by his father and by him manufactured for many years. Ozro A. Sleeper devotes his entire time to the manufacture and sale of this flypaper, and his success has been marked, the last season's business being larger than that of any preceding year.

The subject of this sketch married Ella Hoy, daughter of John Hoy. He is a member of Lafayette Lodge, No. 116, A. F. & A. M., Brownsdale, and the St. Barnard Commandery, K. T., as well as of the M. B. A. and the United Commercial Travelers.




Peter P. Dock

b: 1836

Peter P. Dock, a retired farmer of Lyle village, is one of the estimable citizens of the county, who has made the most of the opportunities presented in this country. With little encouragement, and no help but his own energy, he has worked his way up and has overcome difficulties and hardships that would have discouraged many.

He was born in Norway, March 25, 1836, son of Peter Thompson and Caroline Peterson, his good wife. The father died in the old country when Peter was a small boy and Peter had to help his mother in every way he could. He remained in Norway until 1861, when with his mother and his brother, Knute P., he sailed for America. His mother and brother settled in Blooming Prairie township, where the former took a homestead of 160 acres, and remained until her death.

The brother, Knute P., remained on the homestead until his death, in the spring of 1910.

After coming to America, Peter P. first worked out on a farm for two years in Iowa, earning little but his board. After this he took a homestead in Blooming Prairie township, Steele county, where he remained for four years. Times were hard, money was scarce and provisions hard to obtain, and often Mr. Dock had to do without the bare necessities.

He sold his claim and moved to Mitchell county, Iowa, where he purchased 120 acres of land, which he broke, tilled and developed, erecting a fine home and other buildings, and later adding another 120 acres, making 240 acres in all, it being one of the finest places in his township. There he lived, prospered and carried on general farming until 1903, when he sold the farm and moved to Otranto township; Mitchell county, where he purchased a 160-acre farm.

There he lived until March, 1910, when he rented his farm and purchased his present home in the village of Lyle. He has remodeled the buildings, and there in well deserved comfort he now lives a retired life. He is a Republican in politics and a member of the Lutheran church.

Mr. Dock was married in August, 1865, to Susan Peterson, a native of Norway.

To this union was born seven children: Peter P., Jr., of Hawley, Minn.; Sevar, of Burvick, N. D.; Theodore, of Sank Center, Minn.; Oliver, of Lyle; Caroline, deceased; Rosa, now wife of Harry Farley, station agent for the Illinois Central, and Lena, who lives at home.




Andrew S. Slindee

b: 1884

Andrew S. Slindee, who farms successfully on 120 acres in section 26, Marshall township, is a native born son of this county, having first seen the light of day in 1884 in the home of his father, Ole O. Slindee, who was born in Norway, and came to Mower county about thirty years ago.

Andrew S. was educated in the county schools, and began work for himself at the age of sixteen. In 1910 he purchased his present place, where he carries oil general farming, turning his attention largely to cattle, hogs and poultry. He is an independent Republican and a member of the Lutheran church.

The subject of this sketch was married in 1907 to Sophia Huseby, daughter of A. A. Huseby, of Marshall township, and to this union has been born a daughter, Sylvia Angeline, and a son, Orville Sylvester, who died in infancy. Orson R. Steffens, the efficient and genial local agent at Racine for the James A. Smith Lumber Company, of Osage, Iowa, which controls some fifty lumber yards throughout the country, and which has maintaineda branch at Racine for nineteen years, was born in Sumner township, Fillmore county, Minnesota, March 26, 1875, son of Richard and Mercy M. J. (Hammond) Steffens.

He attended the public schools and also taught in the county schools of both Fillmore and Mower counties, and worked on the farm of his parents until 1907 (this farm he now owns), when he assumed his present position. Mr. Steffens is a member of the AM. W. A. Hle married Sadie E. Eppard, daughter of Philip M. and Lucinda (McQuillan) Eppard, and they have two children, Merwin and Alice E. Richard Steffens was born in the province of Ontario, Canada, and in 1838 located in Illinois. In 1858 he took up his residence in Sumner, Fillmore county, where he followed farming until his death in 1883.




John Slupe

b: 1849

John Slupe, who conducts the R. F. Shepherd farm of 450 well-tilled acres in Austin township, was born in Switzerland in February, 1849, son of Stephen Slupe. John came to America in 1868, located in New York State and engaged in teaming. In 1872 he came to McHenry county, Illinois, and farmed there two years. Then he lived in Indiana for about a year and a half, and in 1876 came to Minnesota for a short period, going then to Iowa and farming until 1886, when he again came to Mower county. In 1902 he assumed his present responsibilities on the Shepherd farm.

He was married January 16, 1878, to Emeline Shores, and they have two children: Albert and J. C.




Elbert H. Smith

b: 1868

Elbert H. Smith, of Austin, president of the E. H. Smith Land and Loan Company, and secretary of the Austin Weed Exterminator Manufacturing Company, is a native of this city, born October 2, 1868, son of Julius and Ada (Robbins) Smith. He attended the public and high schools of Austin, and in 1885 went to Iowa, where he learned the jewelers' trade.

In 1897 he came back to Austin, and became traveling salesman for the Arnstine Bros. and Meier Co., wholesale jewelers, of Cleveland, Ohio, with which concern he remained for some years. Then he took up the real estate, loan and insurance business, making a specialty of farm lands, in Montana, the Dakotas and Minnesota, representing also the twelve leading fire and tornado insurance companies in America. Mr. Smith votes independently, is a master Mason and belongs to the Knights of Pythias, the United Commercial Travelers, and the Austin Commercial Club.

He has been secretary of the Mower County Agricultural Society for several years. He is one of the board of trustees of the Congregational church.

The subject of this sketch was married April 6, 1893, at Austin. to Ida M. Barnes, daughter of Dr. R. A. Barnes, and to this union have been born three children: Verna M., born June 12. 1894; Marian A., born September 7, 1901, and Richard B. born November 4, 1904.




Julius A. Smith

d: 1896

Julius A. Smith was born in New York state, and there married Ada Robbins. They came west in 1864 and purchased 160 acres of wild land in Austin township, Mower county. This land they broke, improved, and cultivated, erecting the necessary buildings, and bringing the place to a high state of development.

In the early days they raised grain, but later the farm was devoted largely to stock raising and dairying. Julius Smith died November 29, 1896, and his widow is still living.




Nicholas M. Smith

b: 1841

Nicholas M. Smith, president of the village of Adams, was born in Baden, Germany, December 6, 1841, son of Xavier and Tressa (Meyer) Smith. He came to America in 1854 with his father and brothers, Thomas and Charles, first locating in Poughkeepsie, N. Y. After a few months, Nicholas came to Lee county, Illinois, accompanied by his father.

His father later went back to Poughkeepsie, stayed a year, and subsequently rejoined Nicholas in Lee county, where he purchased forty acres and farmed five years. Xavier the father and Nicholas the son then came to Mitchell county, Iowa, being followed the following year by the mother and other children, and here Xavier purchased a quarter section. There they farmed until the mother, wife of Xavier, died, and then the farm was sold. Nicholas at this time received from his father an eighty-acre farm in Adams township.

After working the farm for two years he sold it and purchased a farm in Mitchell county, Iowa, where he carried on farming until 1892, when he came to the village of Adams and retired. In addition to his present office, Mr. Smith has done public service as a township supervisor while in Mitchell county.

He married Elizabeth Blake, daughter of John A. Blake, and this union has been blessed with five children: Alice, the wife of John H. Krebsbach; Annie, the wife of Michael Krebsbach; William and Fred (Twins); Mary, the wife of Michael Nickels.





Sparrow A. Smith

b: 1859

Sparrow A. Smith, treasurer of Mower county, was born in Spring Valley, Fillmore county, this state, March 28, 1859, son of John M. and Ann J. (Kingsley) Smith. He attended the district schools and graduated from the Spring Valley high school, after which from 1881 to 1902 he was engaged as a grain buyer in Austin. In the latter year he was elected to the county position which he has since occupied. Mr. Smith is a Republican in politics, and belongs to the I. O. O. F., the B. P. 0. E., the M. W. A. and the A. O. U.T W. For four years he served as assessor of Austin.

The subject of this sketch was married October 24, 1883, to Cora G. Burleson, who died May 12, 1897, leaving four children: Marion, Clinton, Louise and Philip W. The family faith is that of the Congregational church.




John M. Smith

d: 1907

John M. Smith was born in New York state, and married Ann J. Kingsley, a native of the same state. They came west in 1856 and took a homestead in Fillmore county, where they resided until 1897, when they came to Austin, John M. dying in September, 1907, and his wife in September, 1905.




Fredrick August Smith

b: 1855

F. August Smith, for fourteen years a member of the board of supervisors of Red Rock township, and for eight years chairman of that board, is a man whose affable manner, kindness of purpose, and honesty of heart toward all, has won for him the respect of the community wherein he lives.

He was born in Racine county, Wisconsin, July 21, 1855, son of John and Mary Smith, both natives of Germany. John Smith, the father, was a cooper by trade, and came to America about 1852, living both in Albany, N. Y., and Milwaukee, Wis., before locating in Racine county, Wisconsin, about five miles west of the city. He was killed in 1870 by a horse. Fredrick August, the subject of this sketch, remained on the home farm until thirty years of age, and then came to Minnesota, where he purchased a farm in the northeast quarter of section 35 in Red Rock township. He lived on this farm in a little red house, and at once set about making improvements.

In 1895 he built the pleasant dwelling house where he and his family now reside. Mr. Smith married Bertha, daughter of Valentine and Wilhelmina (Miller) Zimmerman, and their children are: William, Charles, Alice, Mary and Arthur W. Alice married Henry E. Miller and they have one son, Lloyd.




Ernest V. Smith, M.D.

b: 1880

Ernest V. Smith, M. D., physician and surgeon, was born in Elwood, Ind., June 15, 1880, son of William and Margaret (Winship) Smith. For seven years he attended Wabash College, at Crawfordsville, Ind., graduating in 1902. After a year teaching school in the state of Washington, he entered the medical department of the university, and graduated with the degree of M. D. in 1907. After graduation he came to Adams and purchased the practice of Dr. E. F. Chase.

Dr. Smith was married October 16, 1907, at Crawfordsville, Ind., to Katherine Fisher, daughter of J. J. Fisher. The Smith home has been blessed with two children: E. Vernon, born December 10, 1908, and Eugene F., born April 6, 1910.




J. H. Smith

b: 1861

J. H. Smith, a successful farmer of Udolpho township, was born in Dane county, Wisconsin, March 2, 1861, son of Samuel and Emma (Sanford) Smith. At the age of three years he came with his parents to Mower county and located on section 33, Udolpho township, where he still resides.

He married Jennie York, daughter of O. R. York, and this union has been blessed with three children: Oscar Samuel, Eleanor Elizabeth and Alice Louise.




Samuel Smith

Samuel Smith, father of J. H. Smith, was a native of Vermont of English descent. His great-grandfather was the first settler of Windsor, Vt. The Smith family came from England in 1635 and settled in Hartford, Conn.

Samuel Smith and wife first came to Mower county in 1857 and Samuel had much to do with the early history of Udolpho and Lansing as a religious and educational leader. He taught the village school in Lansing when there were more than seventy-five pupils of all ages in one room.

He knew what pioneer life was. The following children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Smith: Ida, Mrs. Julia Bloss, James H., Mrs. Emma Ullerick, Sophia and Mrs. Mattie Johnson. Samuel Smith died in December, 1870, at the age of thirty-six. His wife, Emma Sanford Smith, was born in Rockford, Ill., her father being a native of Connecticut and a minister of the gospel, riding a circuit in Illinois and Michigan until his deafness caused his practical retirement.




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