Biographical Sketch of

James T. Sargent

James T. Sargent was born in Vermont, of strict Presbyterian parentage, in 1817. Hard word [work] was no stranger to him, for he helped to clear two heavily timbered farms before he left home, at the age of sixteen.

He first worked in a carpenter's shop, but soon learned the mason's trade, which he thoroughly mastered. Responsible places soon opened for him in New York. He was superintendent of the construction of the lochs in the Black river canal.

He was married Oct. 8, 1842, to Miss Belinda Cogswell. He was employed by numerous railway companies as builder and inspector of mason work, but finally his health broke down, and he came west. He pre-empted a farm in Red rock this county, broke eleven acres and seeded it to corn and oats. Just before harvest a hail storm destroyed it all. Mr. Sargent always commanded the confidence and respect of his fellow citizens.

He was known by all as a man of inflexible integrity and honesty and was called many times to assume offices of public trust. He was assessor, supervisor for six terms and chairman of the board in Red rock, and at the time of his death, last June, was one of the Aldermen of Austin. He laid many of the foundations for the public and private buildings in or city and his last work was the foundation for the new Transcript office. He leaves a widow and two children, Mrs. Jerry Yates and Millard Sargent.

Mrs. Yates now resides in St. Paul. Mrs. Sargent and her son Millard still reside in Austin.

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