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M. W. A . Hall and Opera House
in Grand Meadow


Wagon Wheel Restaurant South of Austin


The Baptist Church at Sargeant


A group of people affiliated with
the Woodbury Cemetery


Sunny Side School
Section 35, Red Rock Township.


Ruth Plantz and Annabell Green


Hugo Plantz and Junior Waverly


Hugo Plantz and Junior Waverly


Minnesota Fibre company - LeRoy


The Mill Dam in Austin


Park View, Austin


South Fourth Street, Adams


Norwegian Lutheran Church, Adams, Minnesota


Birds eye view of Austin, Minnesota, circa 1908


North Main Street, Grand Meadow, circa 1913


Second Street, Grand Meadow, circa 1913


Farm near Waltham, Minn., circa 1909


Jeffries Hotel in Sargeant, Minn., circa 1910


Brownsdale Depot


Burrington Children


Austin's Depot Hotel


Old Mower County School Class


Washington School - Austin


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