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Baptist Church at Sargeant
About 1907

At one time there was a Baptist Church in Sargeant. It is believed that it was built in the years 1895-96 and dedicated in 1897. In 1894 Rev. Williams of the Baptist Church in Brownsdale held meetings in the first school house west of Sargeant. From 1895 to 1897 Rev. M. B. Critchett from Blooming Prairie supplied the Sargent church every other Sunday. From 1899-1900 Rev. S. A. Middleton served the Baptist church in Brownsdale. From 1901-1910 the church was probably supplied on a part-time basis by the pastors from Brownsdale.

In June 1910 the church was sold for $500 and the money went to Brownsdale Church. The building was made into a duplex and now the property of the Louis Johnson Estate.

Information on the church is from the
Sargeant, Minnesota,
Sargeant Centennial Celebration
Centennial - Bi Centennial Year July 24-25, 1976

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