Photos of Mower County Minnesota



The Woodbury Cemetery Group

Top row: G.P. Meadowcroft, Mrs. G.P. Meadowcroft, Helen Moshier, Mrs. L.F. Allen, Pearl Bonnallie, Hotson, Mae Aultfather, (name unknown), John Robertson;
Second row: Ralph Cook (infant), Mrs. M.W. Stewart, Minnie Aultfather, Tony Moshier, Gertie Howard, Alma Magee, Mrs. M.H. Scheffel, Mrs. J.H. Goslee, Mrs. Lewis Machacek;
Third row: Anna Cook, Minnie Smalley, Mrs. James Magee, Mrs. T.H. Carle, Mrs. Kilgore, Mrs. Carrie Ames, Mrs. Millie Hotson, Lizzie Bedford, James H. Goslee;
Fourth row: Helen Smalley, Myrtle Magee, Erla Machacek, (name unknown), and James P. Goslee.

Submitted to MowerGenWeb by Mark Ashley
From the booklet: Woodbury Cemetery 1855-1965 -
      110th Anniversary Commemorative Edition.


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