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Marjean Waldron and
Gerald Kittleson Wed


Kittleson-Waldron Wedding
at St. Olaf Lutheran Church

Candelabra, palms and baskets of gladiolus and chrysanthemums banked the altar of St. Olaf Lutheran Church Saturday for the wedding of Miss Marjean Waldron and Gerald Kittleson.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cyle Waldron, Austin Rt. 2, and the groom's parents are Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kittleson, 1600 E. Oakland. The double ring ceremony was performed by the Rev. Arthur L. Swenson at 7:30 p.m. Mrs. Edwin Peterson was at the organ to accompany the soloist, Ralph Smith.

Mr. Waldron gave his daughter in marriage. She was attired in a floor-length gown of chantilly lace over white satin, princess-styled gown of wine red crystaline silk had a ballerina-length skirt, scoop neckline and a bow at the back.

Miss Dellene Waldron, sister of the bride, was maid of honor. Her princess-styled gown of wine red crystaline silk had a ballerina-length skirt, scoop neckline and a bow at the back. She wore a headdress of small white pompons and lace gloves and carried white chrysanthemums.

The bridesmaids were Miss Nancy Tucker and Miss Gayle Rosenbrock, who wore gowns in tulip pink, styled identical to that of the maid of honor. Their bouquets were of wine red chrysanthemums touched with bronze. Each attendant wore a rhinestone necklace and earrings, gifts from the bride.

As flower girl, Mona Sue Carter, niece of the groom, wore a dress of white net with lace inserts over pale green taffets and carried a white lace basket of petals. She wore a headdress of pompons, white net gloves and a necklace, a gift from the bride.

Roger Stoike attended the groom as bestman and O'dis Halvoraon and Dale Dahl were groomsmen. Ushers were Gordon Anderson and Fred Saack.

Mrs. Waldron was attired in a frost blue knit suit with black accessories and a corsage of white carnations and pink roses. Mrs. Kittleson wore a dress of tan and brown checked crepe with brown accessories and a corsage of white carnations and pink roses.

A reception for 150 guests was held in the church parlors with Mrs. Albert Nelson as hostess. Mrs. Allen Goslee and Miss Gloria Ator poured as refreshments were served by Miss Betty Madson, Miss Lois Rindels, Miss Nancy Bateman and Miss Donna Anderson. Miss Barbara Jacobson was in charge of the guest book, and Miss Marilyn Arens and Miss Barbara Lewis, the gifts.

For thelr trip to northern Minnesota, the bride chose a frost blue knit suit with angora trim, black accessories and an orchid corsage. Upon their return, they'll reside on Austin Rt. 2.

The bride is a graduate of Austin High School and employed at the Osterud Insurance Company. The groom, also an Austin High School graduate, is employed by the Ulland Construction Company.

Out-of-town guests at the wedding were: Mrs. Roy Carter, Mona, Sue and Darsey Rae, Detroit; Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Waldron, McAllen, Texas; and others from Carol, St. Ansgar and Mitchell, Iowa, and Blooming Prairie.

Austin Daily Herald, 9/7/1954, pg 7


Helen Mutinksy and
Henry Rasmussen
Wedding planned


Young Couple Honored at Pre-Nuptial Party

Last evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Leo G. Rasmussen, 704 East Garfield street, fifty relatives and friends gathered in honor of Miss Helen Mutinsky and Henry Rasmussen whose marriage will take place Thursday afternoon.

An original and clever mock wedding was presented with Edward Albright taking the part of the bride; Mrs. Ralph Huber, the groom; Mrs. Anna Albright, the bridesmaid; Nolan Dugan, the best man; the Clarence Dugan enacting the part of the minister. The remainder of the evening was enjoyed playing cards and dancing. Little Beverly Ann Rasmussen and Ernie Bachan, dressed as a bride and groom, brought in the numerous and beautiful gifts. Miss Adeline Boyer, in behalf of the company, presented them to the future bride and groom who graciously responded.

At a late hour, a two-course lunch was served by Mrs. Rasmussen, assisted by Mrs. P. Peterson and Mrs. Boyer.

Forty friends attended a bridal shower, Saturday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Holan, in honor of their daughter, Helen Mutinsky.

A social evening was enjoyed, and the bride-to-be was presented with many beautiful and useful gifts from the company. At eleven o’clock a delicious lunch was served following which the guests departed wishing Miss Mutinsky much happiness in the future.

Austin Daily Herald; 18 May 1933


Miss Anna Probst and
Enoch Prickett Wed



At the residence of the officiating clergyman in this city, Saturday afternoon, April 30, 1910, Enoch S. Prickett and Miss Anna Probst of Dexter were joined in marriage, Rev. J. A. Carstens officiating.

Their many friends are showering abundant congratulations upon them and wish them the best of life's gifts.

Mower County Transcript, May 4, 1910


Assorted Marriage
Licenses issued


Marriage Licenses

Kenneth L. DeBoer and
Dorothy M. Higgins, Aug 7, 1948

John F. Clark and
Vivian E. Gilbertson, Aug 7, 1948

Ralph M. Trom and
Joyce O. Peterson, Aug 9, 1948

Oliver L. Ohr and
Joyce L. Evans, Aug 9, 1948

Warren J. Fullen and
Carol L. Johnson, Aug 11, 1948

Orville M. Spencer to
Ruth L. Conklin, March, 1905

Aaron Grant Prickett to
Emma E. (Scholl) Martin,
March 15, 1905

Ole Jacobson to
Ida Reierson, March, 1905

Alexander J. Pollock to
Ida B. Vermilyea, March, 1905



Marie Schwandt
and Henry Hobkirk

At the residence of the officiating clergyman in this city, Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 2, 1908, Henry W. Hobkirk of Lyle Center and Miss Marie R. Schwandt of Lyle township were married, Rev. C.D. Belden officiating. The ring service was read.

The bride was very becomingly gowned and carried roses. She was attended by her sisters, Misses Minnie and Katherine Schwandt. The groom is one of the substantial farmers of Lyle Center and he has chosen a most helpful and worthy bride. Her folks have lived for over 12 years just west of Lyle village. We wish them all the prosperity and joy possible.

(Austin, Minn., Newspaper)



Sara Jensen of LeRoy
and Clell Emerson Wed



WEST BRANCH, IOWA - Miss Sara Jensen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lars C. Jensen, of LeRoy, Minnesota, and Clell Emerson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Sylvester Emerson of Little Cedar, were united in marriage Sunday, January 1. The Rev. J. Delong of Charles City officiated, the ceremony taking place in the Methodist church at Charles City.

Mr. and Mrs. Emerson left immediately for a short wedding trip, and are visiting in the home of her sister, Mrs. Orvald Jensen, and family, near West Branch, a few days. On their return they will be at home on the bridegroom's farm near Little Cedar.

The bride passed much of the last five or six years in this community, where she had made many friends who will extend good wishes as she leaves for her new home.

Iowa City Pess-Citizen -- Jan. 9, 1939, page 6


Emma Kasak and John Maher


The marriage of Miss Emma Kasak and John M. Maher was solemnized at 7:30 Wednesday evening at the Episcopal rectory, Rev. G. TenBroeck reading the ceremony. . .

The bride is one of Austin's best young women. For 12 years she has been working in the newspaper offices of our city, and for seven years she has been employed at this office, later years as a linotype operator. She attended our city schools also a school for linotype operators at Charles City. Miss Kasak served the past two years as secretary of the Daughters of the King, a society of young women of Christ Episcopal church.

The groom is a fireman on the Great Northern and is located at Whitefish, Montana, where they will reside. He is secretary of the Brotherhood of his division. Five years ago he was in the employ of the C.M. & St. P. road, and was located at Austin. Mr. and Mrs. Maher will board for about two months when they will go to housekeeping in Whitefish. We join the host of friends in extending to them wishes for a happy and prosperous future.

[ Mower County Transcript, Wed., April 25, 1917, page 5, col. 4 ]

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Fanny Thomas and William Cory
Celebrate their
63rd Anniversary


Four Generations Present at Sixty-third
          Anniversary of Young---Old Couple

Of course the one hundred foot, two masted lumber boat "Sperman City" was no smaller than the average boat that sailed the high seas in 1849 -- and 46 days of rough ocean going, after she had left Plymouth, England, on March 20 of the same year, was not such an unusually long time to cross the briny deep. The thirty passengers under Captain Moen underwent many hardships before she finally docked at Darlington, Canada, according to William Cory, ninety-three years young, who, together with his wife celebrated their sixty-third wedding anniversary here Friday at the home of their son, E. W. Cory, 928 North Lansing avenue.

Mr. Cory's wife, Fanny Thomas, 83 years of age, in her quiet unassuming way, tells of coming to Eagle, Wisconsin, in 1836 and she has the honor of being the first white girl in Eagle. Her parents were pioneers and settled in a log cabin as their first home. Ebenezer Thomas, her father, cut the first road from Eagle to Milwaukee.

At the celebration here Friday, four generations were represented, William Cory, E. W. Cory, E. Ray Cory and "Bobbie" Cory. Children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were present Friday at the anniversary. Among those present were: Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Eberhart, Mr. and Mrs. Ole Hansen, Mrs. Geo Ryan, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Noble, Miss Mary Prokopec, Miss Mary Dowd, Miss Alice Dowd, Mr. Henry Dennis, Mrs. Eliza Carll, Mrs. George Eastman; Rev. G. H. TenBroeck, Mr. and, Mrs. F. L. Carrier, Mr. and Mrs. E. Ray Cory, and son Robert, Mr. and Mrs. Verne Cory, Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Cory, and Miss Lolabelle Cory.

Mr. and Mrs. Cory are spry and youthful in appearance and tell many amusing anecdotes and narratives of their pioneer days. Sixty-three years of married life is an inspiration, and The News hopes to have the pleasure of giving its readers accounts of many more happy anniversaries of this contented couple.

[Mower County News, Thur. 12-16-1920, Front Page]
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Carrie Weeks and H. G. Hanson
Golden Wedding in 1920


Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Hanson of Grand Meadow
        Celebrate Their Golden Wedding Anniversary


Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Hanson celebrated their fiftieth wedding, or golden, anniversary, on Sunday, November 21, at Grand Meadow Opera House.

Invitations issued by the children brought many relatives and friends in spite of bad weather and roads. There were over two hundred present, and all were given a fine dinner, after which a program was rendered. Music was furnished by the Bear choir and band. Talks were given by Rev. Jahren and Mr. Boe, and a very pleasant afternoon was enjoyed.

Mr. Hanson came to this country from Norway in 1861 with his parents, one brother and six sisters. He was married to Miss Carrie Weeks on November 20, 1870. Mrs. Hanson came to Bear Creek in 1856, coming to Wisconsin in 1855 from Norway with her parents, one brother and two sisters. They lived on Mr. Hanson's father's farm until six years ago when they moved to Grand Meadow, where they have since resided.

They were blessed with twelve children, of which two are dead, one a boy of four years, and a daughter, Mrs. Martin Simonson, who died two years ago. The other children are: Halvor, who lives on the old Hanson farm, Mrs. Ed Simonson, Mrs. Andrew Lee, and Mrs. Clara Kuhl, of Grand Meadow, Elvin, who lives at Lansing, Minnesota, Mrs. Ed. Dalen, of Minneapolis, Mrs. Albert Berg, of Spring Valley, Minn., Mrs. Christie Gilbertson, George Hanson, of Lansford, North Dakota, and Henry, of Glenburn, North Dakota. Thirty-five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren also bless this family. All were present except seven grandchildren and one great-grandchild.

The children presented Mr. and Mrs. Hanson with a purse of $50.00 in gold. The wedding table was prettily decorated with white roses and gold colored chrasanthemums. The wedding cake was placed in a circle of fifty burning candles.

Mr. and Mrs. Hanson have both been intenseley interested in the work of the church, both local and general. Mr. Hanson was Sunday Schoool Superintendent for many years, also choir director and deacon of Bear Creek Church for about 20 years. Mrs. Hanson's brother and one sister and Mr. Hanson's brother have also celebrated their golden wedding anniversary.

It is our hope that Mr. and Mrs. Hanson may enjoy many more years of wedded life. They have in a silent but effectual way wielded an influence for good and for the uplift of the community.

[Mower County News, Thursday, 12-09-1920, Front Page]


Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schammel
Celebrate 50th Anniversary


Golden Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schammel Observed at Rose Creek

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schammel of Rose Creek celebrated their Golden Wedding on Thursday evening when 350 of their friends and relatives assembled in the Jensen hall to honor the couple. . .

Mr. and Mrs. Schammel were married on October 6, 1877, at St. John's church, Johnsburg, Minnesota, Rev. Bauman officiating. They went to housekeeping on a farm near Rose Creek and lived there until 12 years ago when they moved to the village.

Twelve children were born to them. Ten boys and two girls, the girls dying in infancy. Four of the sons: Peter, Frank, John and Henry live in Kenmare, North Dakota, Albert in Scoby, Montana, Fred in Foxholm, North Dakota, Nick at Tolly, North Dakota, and three sons, Edward, William and Arthur in Rose Creek.

A family reunion was held in July, 1927, and all the sons and their families, but one, Peter, were present.

[Austin Daily Herald, Sat., October 8, 1927, page 4, col. 4]


Mr. & Mrs. Peter Jacobsen,

Mary C. Jacobsen & Henry Waldron


Silver Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jacobsen and Marriage of their daughter Miss Mary C. Jacobsen to Mr. Henry A. Waldron.


A very large company of friends gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Jacobsen, in Sargeant, last Thursday afternoon, on the occasion of their 25th wedding anniversary. They came to this country about 17 years ago, living in Rochester Minnesota for about eight years and the last nine years in this county. That they have made a hose of friends was evident from Thursday's demonstration.

Rev. C. D. Belden, of Austin, made a brief address of congratulation, expressing the kind wishes of all present for continued prosperity. Suitable girfts were presented by friends.


A very interesting part of the occasion was the wedding at four o'clock of the daughter, Miss Mary C. Jacobsen, to Mr. Henry A. Waldron, grainbuyer at Sargeant. Numerous and valuable presents were given to this young couple, and congratulations were most hearty.

A most bountiful supper was served and the evening was spent in a very social and pleasant manner. The occasion, a doubly interesting one, will long be remembered with pleasure by all present.

[Mower County Transcript, 10-03-1888, Front Page ]

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John J. Magee and
Alma Dearborn



At the residence of Rev. C. D. Belden in Austin, Tuesday afternoon, April 3, 1899, John J. Magee and Miss Alma A. Dearborn, both of Lyle township.

The bride is the granddaughter of C. H. Owen and is very popular in the circle of her friends. The groom is one of Lyle's hustling and steady young men and we congratulate him on winning so worthy a life companion. They will build a new house this spring on their farm just west of the Troy City creamery.

We wish them an abundance of life's blessings. -- Austin Transcript.

Lyle Tribune, Fri. 4-07-1899, page-2,col.-3

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Knute Rue & Betsy Johnson

Ole Lillegard & Signe Stowe, Married


Knute T. Rue to Miss Betsy Johnson, Wednesday, November 29th at residence of bride's father in Nevada.

Ole Lillegard to Miss Signe Stowe at the parsonage at Six Mile Grove, Tuesday, December 5th.

Lyle Tribune, Fri. 15-05-1899, page-2, col.-2

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Miranda Tyler and Caswell Fairbanks



Last Wednesday afternoon was a snowy, blustering time. The walks and streets were deep with snow and traveling was difficult. But it was quite necessary that the W. R. Corps should meet according to apointment at G.A.R. hall for practice preparatory to inspection. So the president, Mrs. Caswell Fairbanks had to be there and it was natural that her husband should be urged to accompany her. A hack was sent for them so that they might not miss the practice drill. On reaching G.A.R. hall, they discovered that it was already occupied by about one hundred of their friends and they experienced one of the greatest surprises of their lives. It was their golden wedding day, if the weather had been favorable, the hall would not have contained the crowd of friends who intended to be present. Mr. and Mrs. Fairbanks quickly adjusted themselves to their surroundings and the large company spent a delightful afternoon in social visiting.

Many of the G.A. R. veterans and their wives were among the guests. About five o'clock, the company sat down to a sumptuous banquet. As a preliminary, Rev. C. D. Belden, who acted as master of ceremonies, made an address of congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Fairbanks and presented to him a solid gold headed cane and to her a silver tea set, a gold headed parasol and several other articles in silver. Both responded in words of appreciation. The banquet was highly enjoyed and sociability and good cheer prevailed. The company dispersed at an early time in the evening.

Caswell Fairbanks was born in Watertown, New York, and was married to Miss Miranda Tyler at Natural Village, Lewis county, New York, January 3, 1856. She was a native of St. Lawrence county, New York. They moved to Springfield, Wisconsin in 1859. In 1861, he enlisted at Madison, Wisconsin, in Company G. First U.S. Sharpshooters, Berdan's, and served until disabled. He with his family moved to Dexter township in 1877 and to Austin in 1893. They are among our most respected citizens. Mr. Fairbanks, a past commander of McIntyre post, G.A.R. and Mrs. Fairbanks is retiring president of McIntyre W. R. Corps. They have had three children. The two living are Charles E. Fairbanks of Dexter township and Mrs. Jennie B. Kendal of Altmar, N.Y. One son, Burton, was killed on the N.Y. Central railroad in New York several years ago.

In connection with this golden wedding anniversary, it is interesting to recall the family reunion that was held here last May at the home of Mr. Fairbanks in this city. We reproduce the picture published at that time, of the four generations, Mrs. Caswell Fairbanks, the daughter, Mrs. Jennie B. Kendall of Altmar, N.Y., the granddaughter, Mrs. Laura Kendall Curtis, and the great-grandson, Kendall Curtis, now over three years old.

We wish for this worthy family many more happy reunions and anniversaries.

[ Mower Co. Transcript, Wednesday, January 10, 1906, page 2 ]

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Almire A. Wright & John C. Scullin
Wedded July 24, 1907



At the residence of the bride's parents on Winona street, Wednesday afternoon, July 24, 1907, John C. Scullin and Miss Almire A. Wright were joined in marriage by Rev. Arthur McCausland of Charles City, Iowa, a former pastor of the bride at Brownsdale. They were unattended during the ceremony. Only relatives were present. The rooms were prettily decorated in potted plants and an arch of English ivy was arranged beneath which the wedding vows were spoken. The bride wore a gown of cream white elemoin with lace trimmings. She carried a handkerchief of beautiful work trimmed with hand made lace, made by an aunt living in New York over 70 years old after whom the bride was named.

After the ceremony a wedding supper was served, at which the following served: Nellie Wilder, Edith Chandler, Ollie Burgess, Ardell Wells, Tanye Burgess and Stella Goodman.

Mr. and Mrs. Scullin went on a short wedding trip, returning here Friday. The wedding gifts were numberous and pretty. One of the interesting gifts was a handkerchief shower by mail from the Chandler and the Wright cousins. This was arranged by Mrs. Frank P. Dawed, sister of the bride, who received 23 beautiful handerchiefs by mail. These were wrapped in separate packages and taken to the bride on her wedding day. Mr. and Mrs. Scullin left for their new home at LeMars on Saturday.

The groom is a son of the late George W. Scullin of Oakland. He graduated from the Austin high school class of 1899. He clerked in the Hub Department Store and at W. C. Horrobin's and is now in a clothing store at LeMars, Iowa.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. I.J.B. Wright of this city. She graduated from the Austin high school, class of 1905. She has been active in religious work here and both carry with them the best wishes of many friends.

[ Mower County Transcript, Wed., 7-31-1907, page 2, col. 3 ]

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Kristine Lonergan and
Patrick Mullenbach


Mr. and Mrs. William Lonergan, Jr. of Rt. 2, Austin, Minnesota, announce the engagement and forthcoming marriage of their daughter, Kristine Marie, to Patrick Wayne Mullenbach. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Mullenbach of Adams, Minnesota. The wedding will be Saturday, October 25, 1986, at St. John's Catholic Church in Johnsburg, Minnesota.

Kristine is the grandaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Haugen of Osage, Iowa, and the great-grandaughter of Mrs. J.W. Dean of Osage.

Mitchell County Press - 17 SEP 1986





REQUA-PRICKET -- At San Jose, Mo., Friday, Nov. 25, Mr. Benjamin F. Reqna and Miss Emma Pricket.

Mr. Requa is a brother of our county treasurer, whom he is now visiting. He is well known to the citizens of Grand Meadow and has numerous acquaintances in this city.

HODGE-WOODWARD -- At the residence of the bride's mother in Brownsdale, Wednesday morning, Nov. 30, 1892. Will H. Hodge of Dexter and Miss Ona, daughter of Mrs. Euncide Woodward. Rev. Stadfield was the officiating clergyman.

Only a few intimate friends were present. The groom is one of the rustling grain buyers at Dexter and the bride one of Brownsdale's most worthy young ladies. They have gone to housekeeping at Dexter.

DAY-ROOT -- In Spring Valley, wednesday evening, Nov. 30, Benjamin Day of Grand Meadow and Miss Fannie Root of Spring Valley.

They will make Grand Meadow their home. Mower county thus gains another of the choice daughters of her neighbors.

BRUSH-McINTYRE -- In this city, Monday evening, December 5, 1892, by Rev. C. T. Hallowell, George H. R. Brush of Austin township and Mrs. Lucy J. McIntyre.

LOHMAN-WOODSON -- In this city, Sunday evening, December 4, 1892, by Rev. L. V. Nash, J. E. Lohman and Miss Sarah Woodson, both of Austin township.

Mower County Transcript. Wed. 12-07-1892, page-8, col.-2
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