The following is from the Woodbury Cemetery,
110th Anniversary Commemorative booklet 1855-1965.

See photo from 1965 booklet in Pictures section.


  The Board of Directors feel that recognition should be given to all the early pioneers in the Woodbury area, and lists have been compiled.   The following is a list of the charter members of the organization:

Mrs. Wilbur Ames
Mrs. A.J. Aultfather
Mrs. R.T. Bedford
Mrs. B.A. Bisbee
Miss Olive Bonnallie
Mrs. Sidney Bullock
Mrs. Charles Butts
Mrs. Tom Carle
Mrs. Amos Clark
Mrs. Wm. Clark
Mrs. Carl Folsom
Mrs. J.H. Goslee
Miss Minnie Hansen

Mrs. Frank Herzog
Mrs. Bert Hobkirk
Mrs. H.W. Hobkirk
Mrs. Fred Hotson
Mrs. A. Howard
Mrs. George Howard
Mrs. J.H. Huber
Mrs. W.E. Kilgore
Mrs. christ Larson
Mrs. Amos Machacek
Mrs. Lewis Machacek
Mrs. John Magee
Mrs. Henry Moshier
Miss Elma E. Pace

Mrs. Bessie Pope
Mrs. E.B. Richards
Mrs. Matt Scheffel
Miss Mazel Smith
Mrs. M.W. Stewart
Mrs. Harvey Smalley
Mrs. Mary Waugh
Miss Minnie Wilder
Mrs. P.C. Wilder
Mrs. A.B. Wilder
Mrs. C.W. Wyborney
Mrs. J.R. Wyborney
Mrs. Jessie Wyborney

    In 1965 there were 84 Willing Worker members. There are three charter members in the organization today, and they are indicated by an asterisk.

Mrs. Charles Adams
Mrs. Harold Allen
Mrs. Myron Aultfather
Mrs. Sever Bang
Mrs. Vivian Barnes
Mrs. Frank Bedford
Mrs. Charles Bell
Mrs. Harry Bell
Mrs. Frank Berg
Mrs. Lester Berry
Mrs. Rufus Bisbee
Mrs. Jens Block
Mrs. George Bonnallie
Mrs. Olive Bonnallie *
Mrs. Ben Cafourek
Mrs. Laura Campbell
Mrs. Milford Carroll
Mrs. Rosa Dockum
Mrs. Art Dockstader
Mrs. Marie Drummond
Mrs. Bernie Fahje
Mrs. Raymond Farrell
Mrs. James Goslee
Mrs. Charles Pettit
Mrs. Irvin Priem
Mrs. N.C. Putnam
Mrs. George Ransom
Mrs. Rufus Rawn
Mrs. Verner Schilling

Miss Lela Goslee
Mrs. Richard Goslee
Mrs. Roy Goslee
Mrs. Arthur Graves
Mrs. Robert Greiner
Mrs. Leonard Heiny, Sr.
Mrs. Gilbert Hermanson
Mrs. Bert Hobkirk
Mrs. Dean Hotson
Mrs. Vance Hotson
Mrs. Wayne Hotson
Mrs. Carroll Howard
Mrs. Charles Howard
Mrs. Loie Howard
Mrs. Arthur Hughson
Mrs. Lulu Hughson
Mrs. Charles Huston
Mrs. Alfred Johnston
Mrs. Wallace Jonas
Mrs. George Kaput
Mrs. Ben Kautz
Mrs. Herbert Kilgore
Mrs. John Kvale
Mrs. Leonard Seeger
Mrs. Herbert Scheffel
Mrs. Ralph Schroeder
Mrs. Julius Tonder
Mrs. Bert Wilder
Mrs. Ivan wilder

Mrs. Roger Kvale
Mrs. James Larson
Mrs. Burton Larson
Mrs. Harry Lenz
Mrs. Henry Larson
Mrs. Thomas Lorenzen
Mrs. Evelyn Machacek *
Mrs. Glenn Machacek
Mrs. Lee Machacek, Sr.
Mrs. Ruth Machacek
Mrs. Emily Magee
Mrs. John Magee *
Mrs. G.R. Miller
Mrs. Amy Moore
Mrs. Conrad Myhre
Mrs. Francis Nelson
Mrs. Hans Nelson
Mrs. Grace Nybo
Mrs. Ole Olson
Mrs. Denver Osmundson
Mrs. Charles Peterman
Mrs. George Peterman
Mrs. Irving Wilder
Mrs. Roy Wood
Mrs. Floyd Wright
Mrs. William Yynn

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