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By Thelma Greene Reagan


Today we walked where others walked

On a lonely, windswept hill.

Today we talked where others cried

For loved ones whose lives are stilled.


Today our hearts were touched

By graves of tiny babies.

Snatched from the arms of loving kin,

In the heartbreak of the ages.


Today we saw where

the grandparents lay

In the last sleep of their time.

Lying under the trees and clouds -

Their beds kissed by the sun and wind.


Today we wondered

About an unmarked spot.

Who lies beneath this hallowed ground?

Was it a babe, child, young or old?

No indication could be found.


Today we saw where Mom and Dad lay.

We had been here once before

On a day we'd all like to forget,

But will remember forever more.


Today we recorded for kith and kin

The graves of ancestors past.

To be preserved for generations hence,

A record we hope will last.


Cherish it, my friend.

Preserve it, my friend,

For stones sometimes crumble to dust

And generations of folks yet to come

Will be grateful for your trust.


Welcome to the

Mower County MNGenWeb Project


Mower County Cemetery Information

Visit Find A Grave for more information on Mower County Cemeteries


Tanner Family Cemetery (East of Brownsdale)

Mower County, Minnesota


Hoopman Transcription

web-published 2007

25 Interments


Burials in the Tanner Cemetery

by Kathleen Hoopman  2/2007


1.     Ebenezer Tanner

Born Sept. 4, 1823, died June 15, 1878

Son of Aaron and Ruth Hill Tanner,

or possibly son of Aaron's second wife,

Dina Elwell.


2.  Lydia A. Colby Tanner

Born July 26, 1825, died Oct. 26, 1861

Wife of Ebenezer, she was the first burial

in the Cemetery.


3.     Mary E. Tanner

Born January 18, 1857, died April 13, 1873

Daughter of Ebenezer and Lydia.


4.     Flora N. Tanner

Born Oct 26, 1859, died Dec. 26. 1861

Daughter of Ebenezer and Lydia.


5.     Netie Tanner

Born Feb. 28, 1874, died Nov 3, 1875.

Daughter of Ebenezer and his 2nd wife,

Mrs. Emily Emerson.


6.     Angeline Tanner

Born April 1839, died Nov. 4, 1874

Second wife of Joshua Tanner who was a

brother of Ebenezer; she was the first

school teacher at the Tanner school.


7.     Ross B. Jones

Born Nov. 1879, died Aug. 27, 1880

His mother was Emma Tanner, daughter of

Joshua Tanner and his first wife, Hannah.

So, his mother was a step-daughter of

Angeline Tanner.


8.     Robert Dickens

Born Nov. 1, 1816, died Aug. 15, 1879,

He was first married to Lois Tanner, a sister

or half-sister of Ebenezer and Joshua; after

Lois died he married a widow, Mrs. Sally Warren.


9.     Sally Babcock Warren Dickens

Born June 1827, died Oct. 12, 1888

Second wife of Robert Dickens; came with him

to Mower county on Nov. 6, 1864 and settled in

Red Rock Township -- later moved to Grand Meadow.


10.  Hubert W. Dickens

Born Jan., 1859, died April 2, 1872

Third child of Robert and Sally Dickens; died

from effects of being kicked by a horse.


11.  John Emery

Born Nov. 22, 1829, died Dec. 9, 1911 (?)

was married to Mary Ann Dickens, daughter of

Robert and his first wife Lois Tanner Dickens;

Mary Ann was his second wife; after his death

the rest of the family moved to Seattle.

There is no marker for his grave.


12.  Lois Adelaide Dickens Tanner

Born April 19, 1844, died Nov. 8, 1896.

Daughter of Robert Dickens and his first

wife Lois.  Married James M. Tanner who was

her cousin, a son of Ebenezer and Lydia Colby

Tanner; Also a sister-in-law of John Emery.


13.  Infant son of James and Lois Dickens Tanner

Died Nov. 13, 1867.  This is "baby Tanner"

(Could not be 1852 as indicated in 2005

transcription -- Family was not here until 1856-1857+)


14.  Bingley Fitz-Alen Tanner

Born April 16, 1848, died March 13, 1925

Son of Ebenezer and Lydia Tanner; owner of the

farm on which the Tanner Cemetery is located

at the time of his death; last burial in the cemetery.


15.  Delphine Dickens Tanner

Born July 26, 1848, died Jan. 3, 1918

Wife of Bingley Tanner and also daughter of

Robert Dickens and his first wife Lois; so

she was a cousin of Bingley and a sister of

Lois Dickens Tanner.


16.  Flora M. Tanner

Born April 1869, died April 21, 1870

Daughter of Bingley and Delphine.


17.  Glen Arthur Hill

Born July 10, 1893, died at birth

Son of Minnie Tanner (daughter of Bingley)

and Will J. Hill; no marker for this grave.


18.  Lyn Luverne Hill

Born Jan 28, 1900, died June 20, 1900

Another son of Will and Minnie Tanner Hill.

No marker for this grave.


19.  Hiram E. Tanner

Born Nov. 26, 1817, died June 8, 1880

Older brother of Ebenezer and Joshua; younger

brother of Lois Tanner Dickens; (May have been

half-brother to Ebenezer and Joshua); He was

the first Tanner to settle in Mower County.


20.  Eliza V. Meeker Tanner

Born May 2, 1820, died April 2, 1872

Wife of Hiram Tanner.


21.  Elmer E. Tanner

Born June 9, 1861, died Nov. 12, 1861

Son of Hiram and Eliza.


22. DeLoss Fitzgerald Tanner

Born Dec. 26, 1847, died March 7, 1924

Son of Hiram and Eliza


23.  Emma C. Langworthy Tanner

Born Oct. 5, 1850, died Jan. 3, 1911

Wife of DeLoss Tanner.


24.  Benjamin F. Langworthy

Born Jan. 20, 1822, died Jan. 20, 1907

Father of Emma Langworthy Tanner; one of the

original settlers of Grand Meadow.


25.  Sarah Melissa Clemons Langworthy

Born April 8, 1828, died Aug. 31, 1910

Wife of Benjamin Langworthy, and mother

of Emma Langworthy Tanner.



NOTE: Laverne Arthur Tanner was reburied in Greenwood Cem., Brownsdale.


NOTE: Dates are based for the most part based on family records and information on the tombstones in the cemetery.  Many minor variations occur, and for the most part differences found in county records in the courthouse have been ignored since these legal records do not seem particularly accurate.  Several times a difference of a day or two in

the date of death occurs, and I tended to attribute these differences to the lack of strict accuracy on the part of the doctor who made out the certificate and signed it, possibly at a much later date.


        Kathleen Hoopman

        Feb. 6, 2007


Compiled by Kathleen Hoopman circa 1987 from two handwritten sources:

1) One done by Alice Tanner Day (b: 1880), daughter of DeLoss Tanner.

2) One done possibly by a daughter of Bingley Tanner.






Original Transcription

Web published 2005

Revised March 2007 by K. Pike

                    26 Interments:


First Middle Maiden




Hubert W.

 Jan 1859

 2 Apr 1872


Robert Dickens II 

 1 Nov 1816

 15 Aug 1879


Sarah Luevetis “Sally” Babcock 

 Jun 1827

 12 Oct 1888


John S.

 22 Nov 1829

 9 Dec 1911


Glen Arthur

 10 Jul 1893

 10 Jul 1893


Lyn Luverne

 28 Jan 1900

 20 Jun 1900


Ross B.

 Nov 1879

 27 Aug 1880


Benjamin Franklin

 20 Jan 1822

 20 Jan 1907


Sarah Melissa Clemans 

 8 Apr 1828

 31 Aug 1910


Angeline A.

 Apr 1839

 4 Nov 1874


Bingley Fitz Alen

 16 Apr 1848

 13 Mar 1925


DeLoss Fitzgerald

 26 Dec 1847

 7 Mar 1924


Delphine Rosilpa Dickens 

 26 Jul 1848

 3 Jan 1918


Ebenezer E.

 4 Sep 1823

 15 Jun 1878


Eliza V. Meeker 

 2 May 1820

 2 Apr 1872


Elmer E.

 9 Jun 1861

 12 Nov 1861


Emma C. Langworthy 

 5 Oct 1850

 3 Jan 1911


Flora M.

 Apr 1869

 21 Apr 1870


Floria N.

 26 Oct 1859

 26 Dec 1861


Hiram E.

 26 Nov 1817

 8 Jun 1880


Infant Son

 13 Nov 1867

 13 Nov 1867




 22 Nov 1881


Lois Adelaide Dickens 

 19 Apr 1844

 8 Nov 1896


Lydia A. Colby 

 26 Jul 1825

 26 Oct 1861


Mary E.

 18 Jan 1857

 13 Apr 1873



 28 Feb 1874

 3 Nov 1875







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