Angell Pioneer Cemetery


Bennington Pioneer Cemetery

Located in Section 31 of

Bennington Township

Mower County, Minnesota

Angell Cemetery is also called Bennington Pioneer Cemetery, and contains 3 burials. The cemetery had not been located (until recently -- see below), but it is believed that there are three stones piled along a fence line, and that is all that remains (11-2006). The cemetery has not been registered or plotted at the courthouse.


The cemetery in a field south of Grand Meadow. Drive about 7 miles south of Grand Meadow on County Road 8. You will pass (about 4 miles south of Grand Meadow) County Road 3 which goes west towards Austin, and a mile farther south, on County road 8, where County road 3 goes east towards Ostrander -- Continue south on County 8 for two more miles.)

Bill Sweetser's place is on the corner of 170th Street. Turn east on his gravel road, go about 3/4 of a mile. Look south, I'm guessing the distance is maybe 25 to 50 feet into the field, and a little more from the intersection of the two gravel roads. There is a little tree or bush, with three stones there. -- Sue Doocy (3/07)


4 Interments--




Angell, Lucian A.*

Apr. 8, 1829

Jan. 17, 1866

Angell, Lucy Woodward*

Mar. 24, 1797

Aug. 8, 1862

Angell, Robert*

Mar. 9, 1792

Apr. 29, 1867

Hutchinson, Austin*

Oct. 22, 1812

Dec. 1, 1871

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