Mower County Veterans
Not Associated with any particular War

The following may have been involved with an actual war, but the source, generally an obituary, did not explicitly state that fact.

NAME B/D DATES COMMENTS =============================== ========= ============================================================ Albert, John William 1947-2016 U.S. Army National Guard Alford, David Lee 1957-2014 U.S. Air Force Allen, Harold L. 1917-2012 U.S. Army for short time Amerson, Marilyn J. (Heegard) 1931-2013 U.S. Army, Surgical Technician Anderson, Delford D. 1939-2012 U.S. Army veteran Anderson, Norman Richard c1933-2014 U.S. Army, 1956-1958 Anderson, Roy Hilton 1928-2013 U.S. Marine Corps; Anderson, Wayne Eugene 1934-2014 U.S. Army draftee, 1957- Andrews, Marlene Ann (Petersen) 1942-2016 Wisconsin Army National Guard for almost 6 years Anhorn, Robert Duane 1930-2013 U.S. Army, 1953-1954 Arnold, Donald Lee 1937-2016 U.S. Air Force; 1957-1960 Asper, Diane L. (Jacobson) 1955-2014 U.S. Army, 20 years; incl. Germany Bailey, William Allen 1943-2016 U.S. Air Force, Florida and Alaska Baker, Fritz E1mil 1825-1933 In Franco-Prussion War Baldus, Charles L. 1942-2016 U.S. Navy, for four years. Barnett, Clayton Ray "Spike" 1926-2013 U.S. Navy veteran Barnett, Joseph William 1935-2015 U.S. Army, Communications instructor Bartholomew, Robert C. 1927-2012 U.S. Army, Fort McClellan, Alabama Bartley, Irvin Don 1927-2016 U.S. Army. Bates, Terrance Guy 1940-2013 U.S. Army Batt, Donald E. (Strohmann) 1929-2015 U.S. Marine Corps., Korea for 17 months, Investigator, received several medals Beadle, Merlin c1918-c1945 Veteran Becvar, Stephen L. 1939-2015 U.S. Army, four years, Helicopter pilot; Ft. Wolters Belden, Allen Edward 1964-2016 Minnesota National Guard Bellrichard, William D. 1938-2014 U.S. Air Force, 4 years Benson, Denise Larae (Emch) 1954-2013 U.S. Air Force Betsinger, Theodore G. 1938-1999 U.S. Air force Blumenshein, Harold Lyle c1925-2016 U.S. Navy for 4 years, as a machinist, stationed in Hawaii and China Boe, Burton E. 1936-2013 U.S. Army, 1959-1961; later in Army Reserves Borchardt, Howard Martin 1928-2014 U.S. Navy, c1946-1948 Boyenga, Arnold D. 1943-2012 U.S. Navy, c1962-1966 Braaten, Daniel Ray "Moe" 1964-2015 U.S. Army, c1984-1988 Braaten, Dean Henry 1957-2016 U.S. Army in Germany Braaten, Roger Lloyd 1926-2013 U.S. Navy Brandt, Edmund E. 1927-2014 U.S. Army, 1946-1947; Fort Louis, WA, Philippines, Palawan Islands Brandt, Glenn Melvin 1923-2015 U.S. Navy, 1943-1946 Brandt, Kenneth Philip 1945-2013 U.S. Army, c1963-1967, in Germany Brechtel, Lloyd Francis 1927-2015 U.S. Air Force; 1946-1949; Alaska Bredfeldt, Jack henry 1923-2014 U.S. Army Reserve, 1941-1944 Breeden, James J. 1960-2016 U.S. Army 1977-1983 Brown, Dale Foss 1948-2016 U.S. Air Force; 1971-c1984; C-130 pilot in Special Ops and flight instructor. Brown, Thomas William 1940-2012 U.S. Air Force, 1960-1964 Bundy, Gail 1922-2012 Merchant Marine Burton, Kevin Duane 1962-2012 U.S. Army Reserves, 4 years Burton, Darrel 1932- ? U.S. Navy Butler, Richard William 1935-2014 U.S. Army, c1952-1955; U.S. Marine Corps., 1955-1959 Callahan, Johnny Elroy 1927-2015 U.S. Army, 1945-1947 Callies, Melvin Herbert 1938-2016 U.S. Marine Corps. Cameron, Robert c1930-2013 U.S. Navy, 1951-1955 Canterbury, Harold Emerson 1921-2014 U.S. Navy, Naval Air Force Carter, Earl Raymond 1924-1999 U.S. Air Force Chaffee, Richard 1929-2012 U.S. Navy; in Navy dance band Chaffee, Richard Duane 1943-2013 U.S. Navy, discharged 21 JAN 1967 Charlson, Delbert N. 1928-2014 U.S. Army, 1946-1948 Chopski, Joseph "Jerry" 1929-2014 U.S. Army, left high school to enlist. Christopherson, William Olaf 1931-2012 U.S. Army, 2 years Clark, Robert L. 1926-2013 U.S. Marine Corps., 1952-1954, in Japan Claussen, Donavon 1931-2015 U.S. Air Force, Captain Clawson, Gary Dale 1940-2013 U.S. Navy, San Diego, CA Cochran, Myron R. 1933-2012 U.S. Army, 1956-1958; Army Reserves 1958-1962 Cole, Lincoln Harold "Abe" 1931-2014 U.S. Army 1949-1950 Conner, James Edwin 1932-2012 U.S. Army, 1952-1954; in 49th & 149th Army Bands, Vienna, Austria Conway, Charles Sidney 1930-2016 U.S. Army 1948-1952. Conway, Nellie C. 1931-2015 U.S. Army, 1950-1952 Cook, Charles F. 1839- ?? 1885: Co. G., 2nf Inf. M.N.G.; Captain Cook, Joseph L. 1938-2014 U.S. Air Force, Airman Corporon, Richard Riley 1935-2013 U.S. Army Cross, John Michael 1935-2016 U.S. Air Force; four years Dahlback, Robert Eugene 1941-2016 U.S. Air Force 1959-1963. Dammen, Anton Peter "Bud" 1933-2015 U.S. Navy 1956-1957, Seabees Danielson, Robert Wayne 1948-2014 U.S. Army, 1968-1971, Special Forces Dankert, Wayne 1945-2013 U.S. Army Reserves Davis, Donald Thomas 1926-1999 U.S. Army DeBoer, S. Lynn 1927-2013 U.S. Army, 2 years DeSart, Lair V. 1938-2012 U.S. Air Force, 1956-1960 Detwiler, John E. c1870- 9 years in CO. G. 2nd Reg. M.N.G.; 2nd Lt. Diekman, Harlan C. 1943-2013 U.S. Air Force Dittmer, Elmer Henry 1922-2013 U.S. Army, World War II and Korean Conflict; and Minn. Nat. Guard Dralle, H. David 1937-2016 Three years in U.S. Marine Corp. stationed in Southern Calif. Dunfee, Robert Lee 1932-2016 U.S. Air Force Dunlop, Robert Joseph c1949-2015 U.S. Army veteran Dunn, Robert J. 1927-2016 U.S. Air Force Eastwold, Paul Martin 1938-2014 U.S. Army, 1956-1958, Seoul, South Korea Eggert, Horst Franz 1922-2012 World War II, Wehrmacht?; captured and POW for 5 years. Eirikson, Philip Craig 1953-2016 U.S. Air Force Eisterhold, Francis H. "Bud" 1926-2015 U.S. Army, Germany, 1954-1956 Ellis, Norbert Lee 1939-2012 U.S. Army, 1959-1962 Emerson, Edgar A. 1924-2015 Merchant Marines and Okinawa Emiliusen, David Earl 1955-2015 U.S. Navy Seabees, 1973-c1994, 21 years Erickson, Gerald Lee 1938-2015 U.S. Army veteran Espe, Paul RObert 1933-2012 U.S. Army, 1953-1956, in Germany Farlinger, Norman 1923-1969 Veteran Farrell, Willia, A. 1936-2012 U.S. Air Force, 1954-1957 Ferguson, Charles E. 1937-2015 U.S. Army, c1955+ Ferguson, Vernon L. c1942-2016 Veteran Ferson, Thomas Robert 1963-2016 U.S. Army, 1981-1984 Fett, Mirlen Lamar 1930-2012 U.S. Army, Staff Sergeant and instructor Fialka, Albert A. 1843-1917 U.S. Army 1866-1872 Fink, Stanley Hubbard 1926-2016 U.S. Army; 1945-1946 & 1950-1953 Flagg, Brenda K. (Wilde) 1961-2014 U.S. Army Reserves, 13 years Forstner, Thomas James 1925-2014 U.S. Army Europe Fortney, Corall S. 1931-2016 U.S. Army; signal Corps til 1961 Freese, Ray Ronald c1948-2012 Veteran Fruth, Lawrence Volney 1937-2016 U.S. Marine Corps. 1956-1959 Fry, Virgil Mathias 1927-2015 U.S. Army 1945-1947 Gallaher, Richard Glenn 1930-2016 U.S. Navy; torpedo man from 1952 to 1956 with the rank of Seaman First Class. Gerber, Eugene William 1924-2013 U.S. Army Gerhart, Edward Paul 1935-2015 U.S. Air Force, 1953-1957, Airman First Class Gerlach, Robert Charles 1931-2016 U.S. Army 1954-1956 Golberg, Olaf Richard 1933-2015 U.S. Army, 1955-1957; Ft. Chaffee and Ft. Hood Gosha, Craig Alan 1951-2014 U.S. Air Force Grandy, Jeffery Stewart 1965-2012 U.S. Navy veteran Graves, Robert Lawrence 1930-2014 U.S. Air Force; 20 years; radio Communications tech and instructor Gray, George David "Bud" 1948-2015 U.S. Air Force, 20 years, payroll accountant Green, Bryan L. 1941-2013 U.S. Army; 4 years Greenlee, Alvin Monroe 1930-2015 U.S. Army, 1950-1953; Germany Grothe, James Alan 1950-2014 U.S. Air force veteran Grunewald, James Henry 1950-2013 U.S. Army, 1970-1972; plus National Guard until 1973 Gustafson, Richard Kenneth 1930-2016 U.S. Air Force 1950-1954; served at Rhein-Main Air Base, Germany Guy, Christopher M. 1961-2012 U.S. Army, 1979-1982, in South Korea Haakenson, Travis O. 1927-2014 U.S. Navy, 2 years; Haddorff, Oscar C. 1930-2016 U.S. Armed Forces in Okinawa, 1954 to 1956 Hagen, Darryl JOn 1944-2015 U.S. Navy, 1964-c1968 Hall, Jennylou (Davin) 1936-2012 U.S. Army, two years Hall, Richard Everett 1922-2015 U.S. Coast Guard, 3 years Hall, Richard L. 1934-2013 U.S. Air Force Halvorson, Harold Eugene 1935-2012 U.S. Army, 1958-1964; in Germany Hamilton, Earl Vernon 1932-2014 U.S. Army, 1953-1954 Handland, Thomas L. 1924-2015 U.S. Army, Ft. Sill, Oklahoma, 18th Field Artillery Bat. Hansen, Harold Allen 1927-2013 U.S. Navy veteran Hanson, Alvin C. 1922-2000 U.S. Army veteran Hanson, Darryl Lynn 1937-2014 U.S. Air Force, 4 years Hanson, Kenneth Chester 1930-2013 U.S. Army veteran Hanson, Maynard Delano 1934-2016 U.S. Air Force, 1953-1957 Harrington, DuWayne 1932-2013 U.S. Army, 1953-1955 Harris, William F. 1951-2015 U.S. Army; 2 years; Germany; Sergeant; Disch. 1979 after 3 Yr. in Inactive Res. Hart, Richard Arlen 1932-2014 U.S. Army, Fort Belvoir Hatfield, Mark Douglas 1959-2016 U.S. Army, 1977-1983 Hays, Everett Earl 1928-2015 U.S. Army, 1951-1952; Helland, Allie 1929-2015 U.S. Army Helland, Brian Neil 1950-2016 U.S. Navy, 1970-; air crewman, Patrol Squadron 30, Atlantic Fleet Hendrikson, Joy Carleton 1928-2013 U.S. Army, 1954-1955, Army Lab School; Tokyo, Japan Hilden, Lloyd Raymond 1926-2012 U.S. Army, 20 years, Korean War Hinrichs, Terry Lee 1953-2015 U.S. Army veteran Hodges, Donald Lloyd 1933-2015 Minnesota Nation Guard and U.S. Army M.P.; 1953-1961 Hokanson, George Clayton 1929-2014 U.S. Army, 2 years Houff, Gary Jerome 1944-2014 U.S. Army, 1964-; expert rifle marksman Howard, Ralph Allen 1940-2014 U.S. Army, 1958-1961 Howe, Leland George 1931-2013 U.S. Air Force; San Antonio, Texas Huemann, Duane Reynold 1934-2016 U.S. Army 1957-1959 Ihrke, Keith William 1946-2015 U.S. Air Force, 1965-1968 Ingersoll, Robert F. 1924-2013 U.S. Air Force, 1946-1949 Ingvalson, LaVerne Dale c1929-2013 U.S. Air Force veteran Isele, Reginald Harned, Dr. 1930-2015 U.S. Air Force, doctor, Captain, Eglin AFB Jarvis, Richard Allen 1930-2012 U.S. Army, 1947-1951 Jarvis, Ronald 1943-2014 U.S. Navy, 1961-1965 Jensen, Roger Dean 1939-2016 U.S. Army, MP, 1961-1963 Johansen, Robert John 1946-2012 U.S. Navy veteran Johnson, Eldon F. 1930-2012 U.S. Navy veteran Johnson, Eugene Charles 1928-2012 U.S. Army, occupation forces in Italy 1946-1950 Johnson, Eugene J. 1926-2013 U.S. Army, 1945-1946 Johnson, Glenn Burnard 1939-2014 U.S. Army, Germany Judd, Duane David 1936-2015 U.S. Navy, 1956-1960; also in National Guard Kallman, David E. 1932-2016 ROTC; Entered active duty U.S. Army, 1954-1956, serving in Germany. Karnes, Frank A. 1942-2014 U.S. Army, 1960-1963, Germany Karver, James "Jesse" 1949-2016 U.S. Army Keefe, Ursala Genevieve 1923-2013 U.S. Navy WAVES; Yeoman 2nd Class Keller, Clifford Warren 1925-2014 U.S. Navy Kerrins, Gerald E. 1938-2015 U.S. Marines, 1956-1960 Kilmer, Kerry Mitchell 1954-2015 U.S. Army, Germany Kimlicka, David 1933-2016 U.S. Army; 1952 and was stationed in Germany for two years. King, Darrell D. 1950-2015 U.S. Army, M.P. King, Robert Christopher 1930-2012 U.S. Army, 1952-c1954, driver in anti-aircraft division Kirkwood, Norbert "Kirk" 1938-2012 U.S. Army, 1957-1959 Kirtz, Anita Lena Ida 1924-2013 U.S. Air force Ground Observer Corps. Kjarum, William O. 1927-2015 U.S. Army 1953-1955 Kjome, Norm 1929-2013 U.S. Air Force, Kiester AFB, Mississippi Klimek, Edwin A. 1932-2013 U.S. Army, Army of occupation of Germany Klitzke, Rodger Dean 1937-2015 U.S. Army; 101st Airborne, 1956-1959 Klouse, Anton R. 1926-2013 U.S. Navy, 8 years; USS Montross Korfhage, Eugene William 1930-2013 U.S. Army, Corporal, in occupied Germany, 1952-1954 Krebsbach, Bryan Lee 1954-2014 U.S. Navy, 1974- Kruger, Lorin Clayton 1930-2016 U.S. Army -- in Germany Laack, Merton Cecil 1932-2013 U.S. Army, MP Larson, Gene C. 1937-2016 U.S. Navy 1956-1957 Larson, Richard L. 1928-2015 U.S. Navy Larson, Vance Sheldon 1939-2016 Navy Air Reserve in 1956-1962, active duty: 1958-1959. Leidall, Dustin Richard 1981-2014 Army National Guard, c1999-2000 Lein, Robert Wayne 1934-2016 U.S. Army 1954-1962; served in Germany Lennberg, Charles Earl 1941-2014 U.S. Air Force, 1960-1963 Lenway, John Francis 1936-2016 Enlisted in the U.S. Navy, serving until 1960. Linderman, LeRoy Lee 1932-2013 U.S. Army, 1949-1952 Loeding, Steven 1956-2016 U.S. Army, serving in Alaska. Lowe, Arnold Arthur 1939-2016 U.S. Army 1959-1962, stationed in Germany Madson, Daryl Howard 1930-2016 U.S. Air Force, 1950-1954 -- in communications, Stationed in German for 2 years. Mandt, Robert Marcus 1927-2016 U.S. Navy 1945-1948, in Pacific Marreel, Walter Robert 1921-2014 U.S. Army Air Corp. Marsh, Edwin W. 1867 ---- Iowa National Guard, 5 years, Co. A, 6th Reg. Marsolek, John Joseph 1933-2016 Veteran Martell, Floyd Sherman 1932-2013 U.S. Air Force, until 1956 Martin, Lesley O. 1943-2014 U.S. Navy, 1962-1964 Matheis, Herman c 1924-2013 U.S. Navy veteran Matti, Edward D. c1935-2013 U.S. Air Force veteran Maves, Alvin Carl 1928-2015 U.S. Army, 1950-1953 May, Gerald Norbert ---- ---- U.S. Army veteran McAllister, Walter F. c1915 ---- U.S. Navy veteran McCollar, Donald Eugene 1941-2013 U.S. Army and U.S. Navy McDermott, Howard Henry 1929-2014 U.S. Navy, 1948-1952; Navigator and Navy Band McGuire, Patrick Michael 1948-2014 U.S. Army, 4 years Mees, Elvern Herbert 1932-2014 U.S. Navy, 1950-1954 Melby, Phillip Bruce 1942-2015 U.S. Army Rangers Merten, Francis Peter 1927-2014 U.S. Navy Mitchell, Donovan C. c1961-2014 U.S. National Guard and Army Reserves Monty, David Lee 1949-2016 U.S. Navy, four years, and received several medals including a Purple Heart. Morehouse, Michael Romaine 1946-2016 U.S. Navy, 1964-1967 Morgan, Gary Lee 1935-2013 U.S. Navy, 1955-1959 Mullenbach, Dale Thomas 1955-2013 U.S. Air Force, 1975-1979, Minot N. Dakota Mullenbach, Robert Arthur 1929-2013 U.S. Army veteran Murphy, Dale W. 1943-2016 U.S. Army. As a medic and on border patrol, 1965-1971. Murphy, Richard Gregg 1920-2013 National Guard, before WW II Nack, David Loren 1934-2013 U.S. Navy, for 4 years Nagel, Robert George 1928-2013 U.S. Army, Germany during Korean War Nei, Nancy Ann 1955-2014 U.S. Army, 6 years; San Francisco, Belgium and Korea Nelson, Harley Nelson, John GHenry, Dr. 1945-2015 U.S. Army, Ft. Knox, and also Army Reserves Nelson, Ralph Casper 1934-2014 U.S. Army Nihart, Kenneth L. 1922-2015 U.S. Army, 1945-1946 O'Harra, Richard Douglas 1929-2013 U.S. Air Force, 1956-1959 Olson, Clyde W. 1938-2016 U.S. Navy 1955-1961 Olson, Donald "Ole" 1921-2013 U.S. Air Force Olson, Richar J. 1929-2015 U.S. Navy veteran Osmundson, David 1933-2013 U.S. Army, 1953-1955 Ostergaard, Richard Erwin 1928-2012 U.S. Navy c1945-c1947 Paddack, Wesley 1946-2015 U.S. Marines, 1964-1970 Padden, Ira E. 1858 ---- Minn. Nat. Guard,2nd Regt., Co. G. Patten, Daniel J. 1982-2014 Army National Guard, Kosovo Percival, Donald James 1936-2014 U.S. Air Force Pesch, Glenn Edward 1919-2013 U.S. Army, 4 years Peterson, Larry 1950-2013 U.S. Navy Peterson, Richard J. 1962-2013 U.S. Army 1980-1982, Specialist 4th Class Planz, Hugo A. F. 1917-2014 U.S. Air Force Ploof, Berwyn Callan 1935-2013 U.S. Army veteran Plowman, Mahlon c1930 ---- U.S. Air Force (See wife's obit, Ramona Plowman) Pohlman, Don L. 1935-2016 U.S. Army; for 3 years, Intelligence Div., discharged 1960 Poshusta, Gary Michael 1952-2016 U.S. Air Force Prantner, Dean A. 1947-2015 U.S. Army, paratrooper, 1966+ Radford, Warren c1940 ---- U.S. Air Force (See obit for Patricia Radford) Rasmussen, Ruth M. (Ruland) 1924-2015 U.S. Coast Guard, SPARS, New Orleans, 1944+ Rasmussen, Scott James 1951-2015 U.S. Air Force, 1972-1976 Rauen, Robert Joseph 1936-2015 U.S. Army, 1954-1958, 3 years in Germany Rawn, Lewis J. 1937-1979 U.S. Air Force Reese, Ronald Dean 1945-2012 U.S. Army, 1963-1966 Reshetar, Peter George 1924-2014 82nd Airborne Ricke, Richard E. 1933-2015 U.S. Army 1953-1955 Roach, William Wall c1937-2016 Army reserves. Rockafellow, Naurice "Dean" 1927-2012 U.S. Army; Korean War, MP in Germany 1950-1952 Rockers, David John 1938-2016 Army Reserves and National Guard; Lieutenant Rockwell, Harry Dean 1934-2015 U.S. Army, 1957+, Lebanon Rockwell, Paul J. c1925-2015 U.S. Navy veteran Rosenkilde, David R. ---- ---- U.S. Navy veteran Roseth, David L. 1942-2015 U.S. Navy veteran Rumsey, Bernard L. 1937-2013 U.S. Army, 1954-1957 Rumsey, Francis Howard 1944-2014 U.S. Army veteran Salisbury, Donna Jean (Graves) 1947-2013 U.S. Army, 1966-1967; nurse Sampson, Earl K. 1926-2014 U.S. Navy, 2 years; USS Bond Sanders, James David 1970-2015 U.S. Army; until 1996; Fort Drumm, Somalia and Haiti Satern, Robert L. 1928-2012 U.S. Navy, 1948-1952, USS Taconic Sawyer, Arlin Howard 1936-2013 Veteran Sawyer, Mervale Allen 1934-2015 U.S. Army, 1956-1958, MP; and Army Reserves until 1962 Sayles, William R. 1938-2013 U.S. Army veteran Schaefer, Raymond John "Buzzy" 1933-2016 U.S. Army 1953-1955 -- with deployment to Germany. Schaefer, Wilfred F. 1927-2012 U.S. Army, 1945-1947, in Japan Scherer, Edward Arthur 1932-2015 U.S. Army, 1955-1957, Germany Schieck, Donald Carl 1927-2015 U.S. Navy 1945-1947; Asia-Pacific Theatre; Naval Reserves until 1952 Schleusner, Vincent L. 1936-2013 U.S. Army, 2 years; Fort Polk, LA Schloo, Harold A. c1943-2013 U.S. Navy, 1961-c1965, Cuban Missle Crisis Schmidt, Peter Clifford 1933-2014 U.S. Army, 1951-; Germany Seavey, Garth W. 1938-2012 U.S. Navy, Adak, Alaska and Portland, Maine Seberson, Dennis Burton 1926-2013 U.S. Navy veteran Severtson, Roger Duane 1940-2015 U.S. Army Reserves Shawback, Mervin Victor 1930-2012 U.S. Army, 1951-1953, in Germany Sheeham, Robert J. 1941-2013 U.S. Army, 1961-1963 Sheeley, Dustin Jay 1971-2012 U.S. Army veteran Shirbroun, Estel "Dean" 1929-2016 U.S. Army and Reserves, 1953-1961; Radar Operator, Greenland Skauge, Norman Ardell 1936-2016 U.S. Air Force 1953-1956. And in reserves until 1961. Skov, Stuart Gene 1946-1999 Served in Korea Sorensen, Floyd Dale 1927-2014 U.S. Navy veteran Sorenson, Virgil Duane 1937-2016 U.S. Army 1957-1959 Standinger, David M. 1948-2014 U.S. Army, 1968-1970 Staples, Delmer M. 1935-2014 U.S. Army, 1955- ; France and Germany Steene, Andrew c1892-1972 Veteran Steines, John E. 1959-2012 U.S. Army, 1982-1986, in Germany Stemson, Darrin Orlen 1967-2015 U.S. Army, 1985-1986 Stephens, Michael James 1961-2012 U.S. Army, stationed in Germany Stevens, Chandler H. 1935-2012 U.S. Air Force, Officer and computer programmer at Pentagon Stevens, Glenn M. 1929-2012 U.S. Air Force, 66th Fighter Squadron, Alaska Stier, Jerry A. 1931-2013 U.S. Air Force, 1949-1954 Stoeckel, Max Otto 1936-2016 U.S. Army, 1956 to 1958 Stoltz, Wendell Bruce 1951-2012 U.S. Marine Corps, 2 years Stone, Marvin John 1936-2016 U.S. Navy 1966-1976 --- In USS Montrose, Stroup, Gary Wayne 1947-2013 U.S. Air Force, 1965-1968 Tabor, Jim c1944-2016 U.S. Navy 1961 to 1964; USS Lake Champlain Tapp, Glenn Danzel 1923-2014 U.S. Army, 1948- Taylor, Nyle W. 1927-1994 U.S. Army, Paratrooper Division, NOV 1946 - NOV 1949 Thaden, Harold c1920 ---- Veteran (See obit for wife, Helen Thaden) Thom, Gaylord 1942-2013 U.S. Air Force, 1960-; dog handler for MP's Thorson, Darrell Duane 1923-2016 U.S. Navy 1945-1946 Thune, Elgar Arnold 1934-2012 U.S. Army, Germany Tindal, Clifford Howard 1939-2015 Veteran Todalen, Harvey Richard 1921-2012 Veteran Torgerson, Brian Charles 1950-2012 U.S. Air Force, Sheppard AFB, Texas Towne, Burton Allen 1936-2016 U.S. Air force, serving in Alaska as radar maintenance specialist until 1958. Tramontine, John Orlando Leo 1932-2013 U.S. Marine Corps Trihus, Franklin M. 1946-2014 U.S. Army Reserves, 6 years Trihus, Kenneth Allen 1940-2016 Veteran Trimble, Richard Eugene 1928-2012 U.S. Marine Corps, 1946-; Pearl Harbor, China and Guam Trowbridge, Freeman 1911-1966 Veteran Turner, Donald D. 1932-2013 U.S. Air Force U.S. Navy 1945-1947 Asiatic-Pacific Theatre; USS Independence and USS Egeria; Naval Reserves until 1952 Ulland, Bruce Marvin 1932-2015 U.S. Navy, 1952-c1956; Guam and Florida Underwood, Franklyn D. 1932-2013 U.S. Navy, 20 years VanEpps, John 1955-2014 U.S. Navy; Philippines Vogel, David Lewis 1945-2016 U.S. Army, for 2 years Vogelsang, John 1925-2015 U.S. Army, 1946-1947; Corporal Wagner, David c1928-2007 U.S. Army; Japan Wagner, Donald Joseph 1927-2015 U.S. Navy veteran Waters, Raymond John 1931-2015 Veteran Weaver, James David 1935-2012 U.S. Army, paratrooper in Special Forces Weis, Leo C. 1924-2013 U.S. Navy, 1942-1945 Weiss, Vincent J. 1931-2015 Veteran Wells, Glenn Vernie 1886-1949 U.S. Marine Corps, before and during World War I White, Gene Edward c1935 ---- U.S. Army; Germany, until 1957 Wick, David 1927-2013 U.S. Navy veteran Wiedeman, Leland P. "Butch" 1951-2014 Veteran Wilde, Clifford Gene 1936-2012 U.S. Army, 1959-1961 Williamson, John Freeman 1910-1991 Veteran; VFW Post 1216 in charge of military rites at burial Withey, Percy Lee 1934-2015 U.S. Navy, 8 MAR 1954+; USS Midway Wolfe, Wayne E. 1943-2012 U.S. Navy, 1961-1063; in Claifornia mostly Wollenburgh, Oscar Hugo 1929-2012 U.S. Army 1954-1955 Wood, Dale Richard 1952-2016 U.S. Army; Berlin, Germany WYant, Charles Raymond 1928-2015 U.S. Air Force. 1946-1949 Zech, Gary Frederick 1945-2015 U.S. Navy, 1965-1967 Zenk, Donald William, Father 1925-2016 U.S. Army -- Ft. Hood, TExas and Fort Ord, Calif. Ziegler, Darwin Eugene 1949-2016 U.S. Navy, for four years Zipse, Mark Dennis 1947-2013 U.S. Navy, 1965-1968, USS Enterprise Zrucky, Richard Dean 1934-2015 U.S. Army, 1955-1958

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