Fallen Heroes of the Civil War
From Mower County

Name Date of Death Place of Death Cause of Death / Notes
Ames, Hartland   Andersonville Prison  
Anderson, Roy Unknown Big Stone Lake Indian expedition
Baker, Israel May 22, 1863 Vicksburg, Miss.  
Bartholomew, Benjamin March 22, 1863 Ft. Ridgley, Minn.  
Bisgrow, Isaac   Andersonville Prison  
Bogart, William H. August 1863 St. Louis, Mo.  
Butler, Truman July 15, 1863 Ft. Ridgley, Minn. Premature discharge of
a cannon; Date of injury:
July 4, 1863
Carver, James H. Nov 1, 1863 Jefferson City, Mo.  
Chaflin, Alden H. Oct 23, 1864 Memphis, Tenn.  
Chandler, Stephen N.   Andersonville Prison  
Conkey, Pliney Unknown Milan Prison, Georgia Supposedly died in prison
Felch, David F.M. Oct 1, 1864 Memphis, Tenn.  
Frazier, Edwin Nov 14, 1864 Chattanooga, Tenn.  
Gifford, Simeon Nov 22, 1864 Fort Wadsworth  
Hollingshead, Henry Dec 2, 1864 Fort Wadsworth  
Hutchinson, George S. Sept 27, 1862 Iuka, Miss. Died of wounds
Lent, William N. Aug 4, 1864 Memphis, Tenn.  
Lewis, Hardy July 15, 1864 Tupelo, Miss.  
Loomis, Henry June 9 1863 Memphis, Tenn.  
Martinson, Johannes 30 DEC 1862 Battle of Stones River
Murfreesboro, TN
Died of Wounds
McCabe, James A. June 1864 Lake Shicott Killed in battle
Moores, Robert P. Oct 3, 1862 Corinth Killed in action; Captain
Morrison, James July 23, 1862 Farmington, Miss.  
Parks, Samuel Oct 29, 1862 St. Louis, Mo.  
Parmenter, Eugene E. Feb 3, 1864 St. Louis, Mo.  
Patchen, Calvin H. Sept 5, 1862 Iuka, Miss.  
Ripley, John D. Nov 20, 1862 Nashville, Tenn.  
Rolfe, Henry   Andersonville Prison  
Rolfe, Samuel B. July 15, 1862 Farmington, Miss.  
Smith, Ambrose C. Nov 24, 1862 Quincy, Ill.  
Sommers,W.C.   Vicksburg  
Surface, Simon Unknown


Tanner, Oscar L. April 8, 1865 Spanish Fort, Ala.  
Tifft, Robert T. May 22, 1864   Gunshot wound
Wheeler, Albert A.   Andersonville Prison  
Whitney, Augustus June 10, 1864 Price’s Cross Roads Killed in battle
Wilcox, Adial Dec 16, 1864 Nashville, Tenn. Killed in battle
Wilson, Franklin C.   Andersonville Prison  
Woodbury, James N.   Andersonville Prison  
Vanhouse, Bryan A.   Andersonville Prison  


Transcribed by Kathy Pike

Sources: The History of Mower County 1911


Private Johannes Martinson

Johannes entered service Febuary 03, 1862. Enlisted into Company K Fifteenth Wisconsin Infantry from Mower County MN. Johannes was killed December 30, 1862 in the Battle of Stones River, near Murfreesboro, Rutherford County, Tennessee. Corporal Knud Amundson who was wounded that same day, said Johannes was struck in the stomach by a musket ball, sat down against a tree and died. Johannes is buried in Grave____, Stones River Battlefield National Cemetery, near Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Johannes Martinson was one of 5 men enlisted by his pastor, Reverend Claus L. Clausen of the Six Mile Grove Lutheran Church. Reverend Clausen had previously been commissioned as Chaplain of the 15th by Wisconsin Governor Randall at the recommendation of the 15th's commanding officer, Colonel Hans C. Heg. The four other men who enlisted were Knud Amundson, John Johnson, Sever Larson and Ole T. Mork.

The 15th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry, was also known as The Scandinavian Regiment. The men of Company K called themselves "Clausen's Gaurds" in honor of the 15th's Chaplain.

Information is from Scott Cantwell Meeker web site