Civil War Veterans

Gathered From the Mower County Obits Collections, unless otherwise indicated.

Allen, George C. 1840-1894

Union Army, Civil War; 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry, Co. D; Private

Bacon, Americus V. 1839-?

8th Maine Vol. Inf.; and 2nd Maine Cavalry (from bio collection)

Bagley, Henry circa 1840-1906

First Minnesota Heavy Artillery (from bio collection)

Baird, George 1833-?

1861: th Minn. Inf.; Lieutenant (from bio collection)

Bell, C. Perry 1828-1906

Co. B. 2nd Minnesota Cavalry, 1863-1865; Indian expedition (from bio collection)

Bergeson, Johannes 1846-1922

Civil War veteran; Co. B, First Minnesota Heavy Artillery

Boyd, Robert M. 1844- ?

Union Army, MAR 1863-c1865; Co. B, 37th Wisc. Vol. Inf.
(from bio collection)

Brownell, James 1839-?

Veteran of the Civil War; Co. I of Mounted Rangers; & Brackett's Battalion (from bio collection)

Carll, Benjamin M.

Civil War, 1861-1864; Co. C, 8th New York Cavalry; Army of the Potomac

Carson, J. F. 1843-

Civil War, 1863-c1865; Co. 16, 4th Mass. Cavalry

Catherwood, William M. c1835-1890

Veteran of the Civil War; 2nd Minnesota Cav. (from bio collection)

Church, George R. 1838-?

Co. G., 28th Wisc. Vol. Inf. in 1862 (from bio collection)

Espenschied, John

Fought during the Civil War, against the Indians on the frontier
(from bio collection)

Fairbanks, John 1840- ?

Veteran of the Civil War; Co. F, 3rd Vermont Inf. 1861-1864 (from bio collection)

Fairbanks, Alfred D.

Veteran of the Civil War; Co. E, U.S. Sharpshooters (from bio collection)

Fairbanks, Caswell 1835- ?

Veteran of the Civil War; Co. G, 1st Regiment of Berdan's Sharpshooters (from bio collection)

Fairbanks, Luke B. 1838- ?

Veteran of the Civil War; Co. F, 3rd Vermont Vols. (from bio collection)

Goslee, William Nichols 1826-1904

46th Rev., Indiana Inf. (from bio collection)

Hammond, H.S.

Veteran of the Civil War - 1865; Co. B, 153rd Ill. Vol. Inf.; 9 months; Corporal (from bio collection)

Harden, Warren Dewitt 1830-1910

Veteran of Mexican War and War of the Rebellion

Hawkins, John C. 1833-1911

Civil War, 1861-1865; 2nd Ohio Artillery

Hawkins, John C. 1833- ?

Veteran of the Civil War - 1861-1862-1865; 2nd Ohio Light Artillery (from bio collection)

Hilker, Benjamin 1843-1905

Veteran of the Civil War; Co. I, 30th Mich. Vol. Inf., 1864-1865 (from bio collection)

Hollister, Abram circa 1840-1909

Severely wounded in the War; 4th Minn. Vol. Inf. in 1862 (from bio collection)

Howe, Isaac N. c1840- ?

Veteran of the Civil War; Union Army, Co. M., 12th Illinois Cav. (from bio collection)

Jacobson, Jacob 1848-1916

Civil War; Minnesota Heavy Artillery

Johnson, Martin B. 1837- ?

Veteran of the Civil War; 1862-1865; Co. C, 9th Vol. Inf., Corporal (from bio collection)

Johnson, Seymour 1841- ?

Veteran of the Civil War; 1862-1865; Co. A, 32nd Wisc. Vol. Inf. (from bio collection)

Kellogg, A.G. 1843- ?

Civil War; 1864-1865; Co. A, 7th Wisc. Vol. Inf. (from bio collection)

Kilgore, William Edwin 1843-1908

Civil War; 1861-1863; Co. G, 11th Illinois Vol. Cav.

King, W. H. 1840-

Civil War; 1861-1866; Co. K, 7th Missouri Inf. & Co. C, 5th U.S. artillery; Captain
(from bio collection)

Lake, Gideon O. 1829- ?

Veteran of the Civil War; 1864-1865; Co. H, 11th Minnesota Inf. (from bio collection)

Launsbury, Alfred 1829-?

3rd Wisc. battery, 1861-1864 (from bio collection)

Lawyer, Alfred G. c1830-

Civil War veteran (See obit for wife Sarah Lawyer)

Lightley, Henry W.

Civil War Veteran; 1862-1865, Pvt. and Sgt. Co H. 29th Wisc. Vol. Inf.
(from bio collection)

Lyons, Harcar c1845-

Civil War veteran, 1863-1865; Co. B., 2nd Minn. Cavalry, against Indians

Mattice, Albert F. 1845-1907

Civil War, 1861-1865, Co. C, 11th Wisc. Vol. Inf.; Pvt. to 2nd Lt. (from bio collection)

Pace, William Milton 1822-1901

Civil War; Army of the Potomac, 1861 and for 3 years; 1st or 4th Minn Vols.

Palmer, Joseph 1830- ?

Civil War; Union Army, Drafted in 1864, Co B., 3rd Minn. Vol. Inf., 6 months

Pearce, George D. 1844-

Civil War; 1863-1866; 35th Wis. Vol. Inf., Co. H.

Pierce, David A 1830-?

Co. E., 7th Minn. Vol. Inf., 2 yrs 10 months (from bio collection)

Plum, Aaron

Civil War Veteran; 22nd Iowa Vol. Inf. (from bio collection)

Quackenbush, S. L. 1842- ?

Civil War Veteran; Union Army; 6 months as a teamster (from bio collection)

Ray, F.G. 1841- ?

Veteran of Indian Campaign & Civil War (1863-1865); Co F, 7th Minn. Vol Inf; (from bio collection)

Rice, Samuel W. 1834- ?

Veteran of Civil War; Co C, 9th Minn. Vol Inf (from bio collection)

Roebuck, William Abner 1844-1934

Veteran of Civil War; 11th Indian Co., - Bugler

Robertson, John 1841- ?

Veteran of the Civil War (from bio collection)

Rose, John W. c1815-

Civil War; Co. K, 4th Minnesota, in Grant's Army until Vicksburg

Roy, Charles A. 1842- ?

enlisted as bugler at age 19, in various regiments, 1861-1864
(from bio collection)

Sanborn, D.C. 1844- ?

Was in battles at Antietam, 2nd battle at Bull Run, Spotsylvania and others.
(from bio collection)

Schroeder, John 1841- ?

Co. A, Wisconsin Vols. (from bio collection)

Sims, A. L. 1840- ?

Enlisted in 1862 in Co. C, 51st Illinois Vol. Inf.
(from bio collection)

Snyder, Ira B. 1842-1919

13th Wisc., Co. D, Vol. Inf.; 1863-1865 (from bio collection)

Spooner, Edgar Pardon 1831-1921

Civil War until 1865, Co. C, 9th Minnesota Vol., Sergeant

Stimson, Burt E. 1844- ?

Union Army, 1864-1865, Co K, 5th Minnesota Vol. Inf.
(from bio collection)

Sweet, William W. 1844- ?

Union Army, c1861-1864, 3 years as a sharp shooter; 27 battles
(from bio collection)

Swift, Albert 1830- ?

Union Army, 1862-1865; First N.Y. Dragoons
(from bio collection)

Tanner, James M. 1844- ?

c1861-1865, Co. C, 9th Minn. Vol. Inf.; also fought Indians.
(from bio collection)

Thompson, John 1841- ?

Veteran of the Civil War; 95th Illinois Vol. Inf. 1862-, POW (from bio collection)

Thompson, John A. 1828- ?

Co. C, 9th Minn. Vol. Inf., against Indians and then in the south
(from bio collection)

Thornhill, Samuel Payne, Dr. 1821-1879

Regimental Surgeon, 8th Wisc. Volunteers; in 1862 made Brigade Surg. (from bio collection)

Tieman, Oscar 1844-1915

Enlisted 14 AUG 1862, Wounded 9 APR 1864, Pleasant Hill, LA.; mustered out 1865

Varco, George W. c1845-

Civil War; 2nd Minnesota Cavalry, 2 1/2 years (See obit for Isabelle Varco)

Vaughan, Daniel B. 1835- ?

Co. C, 9th Minnesota Vol. Inf.; 1862-1865
(from bio collection)

Watkins, John Richard 1836-1913

Civil War, 1862-c1865; Co. C, 9th Minn. Vols.;

White C. E. 1845- ?

Civil War, 1862-c1864; Co. I, 5th Minnesota (from bio collection)

Woodbury, James M. 1839-1864

Civil War, c1862-1864; Co. C, 9th Minn. Vols.; died as a POW in Georgia

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