Mower County, Minnesota
1883 List of Pensioners on the Roll



Transcribed by Kenneth Thomas, 4/08 NAME OF PENSIONER P.O. ADDRESS CAUSE FOR WHICH PENSIONED AMOUNT COMMENTS ====================== ============== ================================================== ====== =========== Allen, Geo. C. Lyle Rheumatism and disease of heart $ 6.00 Amundson, Knud Lyle Wound right forearm 8.00 Barnett, Rose Austin Mother 8.00 Beggan, Jno. Le Roy Wound right index finger 2.00 Bell, Chas. Le Roy Partial paralysis left arm and shoulder 8.00 Bergtoll, Joseph Lyle Wound right arm 10.00 Bero, Daniel E. Austin Injury to abdomen & chr. diarrhea 14.00 Bishop, Thomas J. Le Roy Wound of back 4.00 Boyer, Elizabeth Frankford Widow 1812 8.00 Britton, Deborah E. Lansing Mother 8.00 Brown, Orrin H. Lyle Wound left upper jaw 4.00 Brownsill, Edwin Austin Disease of lungs 8.00 Bullard, Geo. H. Brownsdale Loss left arm above elbow 24.00 Bullock, Wm. H. H. Austin Injury to abdomen 4.00 Bump, Chas. W. Austin Wound left foot 1.00 Bump, Persons P. Austin Sunstroke & resulting nervous prostration 17.00 Carter, Richard Le Roy Injury right ankle and resulting anchylosis 8.00 Christie, Adam E. Austin Wound of lower jaw, injury to abdomen 12.00 Chrystie, Mary Austin Mother 8.00 Cohoon, Evaline G. Brownsdale Widow 8.00 Collier, Clarissa Austin Widow 8.00 Conlon, Patrick Grand Meadow Lost sight of right eye 4.00 Conner, Jno. Austin Wound right elbow, right hand and right thigh 10.00 Cratzer, Peter J. Austin Chronic rheumatism & effects 6.00 Crispin, Peter Adams Wound right hip 4.00 Curtis, Henry H. Austin Loss left leg 18.00 Decker, Sylvester Le Roy Wound right heel and ankle 18.00 Doud, Freeman D. Lansing Injury to abdomen 6.00 Edwards, George W. Austin Chronic rheumatism 4.00 Fairbanks, Alfred D. Austin Heart disease 4.00 Fairbanks, Jno. Rose Creek Wound of neck and shoulder 8.00 Fairbanks, Luke D. Rose Creek Wound left forearm 6.00 Foote, Levi G. Frankford Surv. 1812 8.00 Foote, Lewis A. Lansing Chronic diarrhea, dis. of abdominal viscera and 8.00 & dis. of liver French, Edwin Austin Wound right elbow 4.00 Furlong, Wm. T. Austin Bronchitis and mumps, resulting injury to abdomen 4.00 Aug., 1881 Gilling, Patrick Lansing Wounds right leg and thigh 6.00 Gladen, Cyrus P. Grand Meadow Epilepsy 8.00 Haley, Peter Austin Chronic diarrhea & resltg disease of bowels 4.00 Hall, Aaron Root River Nervous debility, loss of teeth, result of scurvy 8.00 Hall, Wm. G. Austin Disease of lungs 4.00 Hampton, H. Kent Austin Chronic diarrhea 6.00 Hartley, Harrison H. Lansing Chronic diarrhea 4.00 Hawkins, Jno. Frankford Injury to abdomen 4.00 Hawkins, Jno. C. Austin Disease of lungs 4.00 Hinman, Martha Austin Widow 8.00 Hollister, Abraham O. Austin Wound right foot 8.00 Iverson, Guri Lansing Widow 8.00 Kellogg, Asbury Brownsdale Wound left breast 4.00 Kingsley, Elvira Le Roy Mother 8.00 Kinney, Ebenezer Austin Loss right arm above elbow 24.00 Knox, Chas. Brownsdale Wound left forearm 4.00 Layman, Isaac Le Roy Wound left arm 8.00 Leathers, Mary A. Grand Meadow Mother 8.00 Leonard, Thos. F. Austin Wound left forearm & left groin 4.00 Lincoln, Vincent B. Le Roy Chronic diarrhea & disease of abdominal viscera 6.00 Loomis, Christiana Lyle Widow 8.00 Lord, Delia A. Austin Mother 8.00 Lounsberry, Alfred Brownsdale Injury left side & resulting pain and 6.00 difficult breathing Ludlow, Stephen H. Austin Father 8.00 Mahoney, Andrew Le Roy Disease of eyes 16.00 McKnight, Joseph Le Roy Chronic diarrhea and disease of abdominal viscera 11.25 Merry, Eben L. Austin Sunstroke and resulting disease of eyes 6.00 Miner, Sarah V. Rose Creek Widow 8.00 Moe, Kari J. Le Roy Mother 8.00 Morton, Harriet Le Roy Widow 8.00 Neller, Jno. L. Lansing Sunstroke 6.00 Newman, Chas. A. Rose Creek Wound left thigh and inflammation of lungs 8.00 Oleson, Mary Ann Austin Widow 8.00 Osborn, Jno. Austin Injury to abdomen 4.00 Pace, Wm. M. Lyle Erysipelas of left hand 14.00 Palmeter, Nathan Brownsdale Partial loss right thumb 2.00 Patchin, Lewis Frankford Dis. of abdominal viscera 8.00 Peck, Henry Austin Chronic diarrhea 4.00 Pratt, David O. Austin Chronic diarrhea 6.00 Proctor, Joel G. Le Roy Chronic bronchitis & Chronic rheumatism 10.00 Revard, Jno. B. Austin Injury to abdomen 12.00 Rhodes, Mariah Lansing Widow 8.00 Rice, Samuel W. Austin Loss sight right eye and impaired use left eye 31.25 Robinson, Henry Lansing Surv. 1812 8.00 Robinson, Jno. E. Austin Chronic diarrhea 8.00 Shapley, Geo. W. Austin Injury to back, and resulting dis. kidneys 8.00 Sherwood, Alta B. Austin Widow 21.00 Simpson, Joseph H. Brownsdale Disease of eyes 8.00 Snyder, Wm. Austin Disease of heart 6.00 Somers, Elizabeth M. Austin Mother 8.00 Spears, Betsey G. Austin Widow 8.00 Stanley, Wm. Lyle Loss left arm 24.00 Sutton, Wm. H. Austin Disease of lungs & liver 20.00 Sweet, Wm. W. Le Roy Wound left shoulder 18.00 Thomhill, Armpst'd W. Grand Meadow Wound right hand and loss third finger 4.00 Thompson, Jno. A. Austin Anchylosis of left arm 6.00 Tilden, Gullick O. Adams Chronic diarrhea, disease of lungs and liver 6.00 Trowbridge, Miles M. Austin Wound left shoulder 4.00 Tubbs, Levi M. Taopi Chronic diarrhea and paralysis 8.00 Watkins, Evans Austin Wound right shoulder 8.00 Whitlock, Maria J. Austin Widow 8.00 Whitney, Anna Lansing Mother 8.00 William, Siloam Austin Chronic diarrhea and resulting disease of 4.00 abdominal viscera Woodward, Jas. D. Austin Chronic diarrhea and resulting disease of 8.00 abdominal viscera Woodworth, Norman Grand Meadow Surv. 1812 8.00 Wyborny, Joseph Lyle Wound right knee 14.00



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