History of St. Olaf Church - 1967
Austin, Minnesota


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Golden Anniversary Observed

The November 3, 1926 Golden Wedding Anniversary of Knute O. and Petra Amelia Wold was observed by the members of St. Olaf in a significant manner. It is the only event of this type that is entered in the official church records.

The program was held in the St. Olaf Church parlors. The church choir sang. Greetings were extended by representatives from the Ladies Aid, Mission Society, Board of Trusteees and the congregation at large. There were toasts given by H.E. Rasmussen, Otto Baudler, Martin Nelson, Mrs. W. R. Earl, Dr. O. H. Hegge and Mrs. Anton (Rosa) Dalager.

Letters and telegrams were read, including those from Rev. E.T. Rogne, J.C. Roseland and J. N. Brown, former pastors.

Mr. and Mrs Wold were married by Rev. P.G. Ostby at St. Olaf Church. Over the years Mr. Wold had served as a Deacon, Trustee, and Sunday School teacher. Mrs. Wold was a past president of the Ladies Aid and Mission Society, had been a sponsor of the Busy Bees and an organist.

Knute and Petra were the parents of Guy an Ethel Wold.



Mr. and Mrs. Nels Johnson

                      Nels is a Civil War Veteran




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The Louis Lomholt Family




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