Lyle Township Tornado, June 10, 1897


Photo of the Julius C. Owen home after the June 10, 1897 Cyclone. Julius lived in Northeast corner of section 31, of Lyle Township.

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Excerpts from the Lyle Tribune, Friday June 18, 1897 Front Page


Property Worth Several Thousands, Totally Destroyed.

A Catastrophe Most Terrible to Describe--A Score of Farmhouses Literally Annihilated.

The cyclone which visited Lyle and Nevada townships last thursday evening made a clean sweep of buildings of every descriptions along the thickly settled road from Owen's to Hoflands's place, a mile from this city.

As near as can be now ascertained the cyclone started about a mile north of the Iowa-Minnesota line in the east edge of Freeborn county. Pursuing a course almost directly eastward- the first place struck was the farmhouse of Mrs, Funda, which was damaged considerably and Mrs. Funda herself slighty injured.

Taking the places in their order, the damage done by the cyclone is briefly summarized as follows: J.C. Owen, house and furniture, granary and other smaller buildings totally destroyed. Barn unroofed and carried off foundation. Family took refuge in cellar. Mr. Owen was drawn from cellar by suction when house went; none hurt. Loss of property over $2000. No cyclone insurance.

NOTE: See a story about this tornado in the Mower county CLIPPINGS Section.


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