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I found the Mower County Genealogy website this past weekend. I hadn't looked for one in the past for no good reason. I was delighted to find the biographies from the 1911 Mower County History and the fact that there is one for my great grandfather Edwin Price.

It contains information we never knew about and answered several family questions. As you well know, so many questions in the present coupled with missed opportunities in the past to obtain the answers define present day genealogical and family history research—at least for me.

If the thought should ever cross your mind that the work needed to maintain the website goes unnoticed, think again. This is one researcher most appreciative for the effort. My family is from LeRoy.

Thank you.

Ohio 7/2016


I must thank you for using your time to add and update the Mower site with the ... photos and documents.

What a fantastic resource you provide for those of us searching for clues in and around Austin. Your work is appreciated.

Have a great Sunday and thank you again for your help.

K. F.


Thank you for adding my name to the Surname site, Kermit! I emailed Kathy yesterday . . . She's a real genea-fairy, like you.

My sister took her grandchildren to St. John's Cemetery in Elkton to see Mahlon and Mary Jane . . . graves. That's nine generations back, for them! That's spiritually powerful, thanks to folks like you. God bless you and your family and thanks for helping us,


Thanks for your great web site on Mower County!

I was delighted to find the obituary of an ancestor transcribed there, and really appreciate all your work.

Thanks for all your work to help others with Mower County genealogy.

S.H. 11/2012


Thanks again - appreciate your work.

D.O.L. 7/2012


You do a beautiful job posting the obits, just beautiful. I hope you get many compliments from people for all this volunteer work you do, thank you. People will enjoy these for a long time.

D.H. 7/12


Wow, what a great web page. In fact, one of the best I've seen! Congratulations to all who have spent so much time and energy to accomplish this site. You should be very proud. I want to thank you for the information I have found and, subsequently, the better understanding I have of my ancestors.

Minneapolis 1/2012


You've done a great job with the mower county genealogy website.
Thank you for all your hard work.

K.B. 6/2012


The Mower county website is one of the best I've used in my family history searches. You all do a fantastic job, and it is much appreciated!


It truly is one of the most informative of any USGenWeb sites that I've visited.

Best regards,

D.E. 1/2012



C. S.

Minnesota (2/2011)


You have a wonderful Mower County MNGenWeb site. It has been extremely helpful in my research. I really appreciate all of the hard work that you and others have put into compiling such an array of information. Whenever I can, I suggest your site to those doing research on their Austin connections.

Thank you for your time.

K.J.F. 2/2011


Thank you so much. You have wonderful web sites both in Floyd County, Iowa and Mower County. They are easy to research.

J.S. 10/11/2010


Thanks . . . and keep up the great work.

You've got a wonderful website that you can truly be proud of.

D. K. 7/6/2009


You guys are doing an amazing job!!!! Thank you so much for everything.



I would love to have a job doing what you are doing. Isn't it wonderful that we now have computers and can save this information for future generations? I love it.

Thanks so much Kermit,



Thanks so much. Just found your site last night and its great.

Thanks for all you do !!



Appreciate all the additional info on the revised website. I've been searching it for several years.



What a great MNGenWeb page. Congrats on all your work. It really helped me to pin down that my Great Uncle David Shannon Dunfee and his wife Maggie Louise Dunfee are buried at Woodbury Cemetery.

S.T. 6/2008


"I'm sitting here wiping away the tears from my eyes. I came across the Mower County Obituary Index by accident just now. . . it is a beautiful, clean, fresh looking, easy to read site, and I am so proud to see my family members so thoughtfully remembered.

"I am so grateful to you for all that you have done for me. And a huge bear hug to Mr. Kittleson too for setting up this great web site.

"Thank you both from the bottom of my heart."

Washington state



The pages look great. Thank you.

I enjoyed sharing the information I have gathered and hope it will help someone who visits the site.

You have a great site which is well maintained.

    J.R. (3/31/07)


This is a wonderful web site.
Thank-you for keeping it updated.
So many don't.

    "B" (3/22/07)