The Temperance League

In 1856 a Temperance League was started by the women of Austin who threatened to boycott any establishment where whiskey could be purchased.

The women who signed this petition were:

Adams, Amanda
Adams, Hattie A.
Allen, Almeda E.
Allen, Eliza A.
Allen, Emma
Bemis, Eleanor
Bemis, Sarah E.
Benson, Cornelia
Brown, Elizabeth
Brown, Lois
Colwell, Mary A.
Cook, Jennett W.
Decker, Mary Ann H.
Everest, Maria M.
Ferris, Harriet
Griffith, Triphena
Kimball, Emogene A.
Leverich, Hannah E.
McDaniels, Mary
McKinley, Eliza A.
Padden, Mary A.
Revord, Naomi M.
Sanford, Martha L.
Smith, Eunice L.
Tubbs, Elizabeth
Wheat, Julia A.
Wheeler, Lucy L.
Vandegrift, Bettie M.

Submitted by Kathy Pike, Oct. 2006