Ghost Towns of Mower County

From “The History of Mower County” 1911

Several once live and famous town sites have long since passed in their chips.   I refer to the city of Madison, ten miles north of here on the west side of the Cedar River, which once had its hotels, stores, and saw mill.  

I also refer to the city of Two Rivers, one mile and a half south of here, at the confluence of the Turtle and Cedar rivers, which once had a famous hotel, kept by Robert Autis, and for a time bid fair eclipse Austin.

I refer also to Cedar City, six miles south of here, which once had its saw mill and its flour mill, and Justice Meanes, before whom long suits at law were wont to be tried in ancient days.  But the floods of August, 1858, swept out the last vestige of that city.  

I refer also to Troy City, eight miles south of here, which unlike its predecessor of ancient lore, never had any wooden horses to beguile the unsuspecting and overcredulous , but it had its hotel and saw mill and grist mill, which the floods of 1858 and financial reverses swept away. 

There were also some misadventures upon the east side of the county in founding cities, Frankford and old LeRoy, which have nearly faded out.

Transcribed by Kathy Pike, Oct. 2006