Pioneers of Frankford
By Mrs. Matilda Lamb

My father, James B. Glover, with his family of four children, three daughters and one son, moved to the then far West from Skaneatels, Onondaga County, N.Y., arriving at Frankford Minn., June 1856. There were but a few houses to be seen here at that time, but new arrivals were quite frequent and houses went up as if touched by a magic hand. Where in the early morning would be a bare clearing, by nightfall the gleam of a lighted candle could be seen from the windows of some rude yet cozy cabin home, showing the progress of a single day.

The first church in Mower County was built here the next year, the principals in the work being Elders Reeves and Waldron. The following winter it was formally dedicated as a house of worship. About the same time Frank Teabout built the first public hall. This was 24x60 feet. It was used that Christmas day and evening for a ball, over 100 couples being present. Mrs. Heidel, an aunt of the proprietor, and Henry Metzgar provided the bountiful supper for the gay and happy company.

The company was composed of all classes, from Fillmore and Mower counties. Goodly numbers came from Austin and Chatfield. The music was furnished by our own home pioneer band, the greater part of who were married men living near here, George Hunt, Samuel Metcalf, Hazard Titus, and Gideon Sherman being among the number who constituted this band.

We had a good and large school at this point that winter. It numbered about seventy pupils. Professor Hotchkiss, of Oberlin, Ohio, was the teacher, with myself as his assistant. At that time we had the county seat at this place and felt quite important. But the county seat honors were taken away from us, and our dreams were not realized.


Source: “The History of Mower County” 1911

Transcribed by Kathy Pike, Oct. 2006