Some Austin Firsts

First-Settler in Austin: Austin Nichols, in 1853

First-Settler in the vicinity of Austin: Hunter Clark, 1853

First-Frame House: Chauncey Leverich, 1854-55

First-White Child: Austin Bemis son of George H. and Eleanor Merrick Bemis, Nov. 1855

First-Piano: Owned by Dr. J.N. Wheat

First-Brick House: Harlan Page

First-Merchant: Alanson B. Vaughn

First-Shoe Shop: George H. Bemis

First-Minister: Rev. Mapes

First-School teacher: Maria Vaughn

First-Marriage in the county: Caleb Stock and Mary Walkins, 1856

First-Death: Mary Robinson of High Forest, daughter of John Robinson, 1855

First-Newspaper: Mower County Mirror by David Blakley, 1858

Source: The History of Mower County, 1911

Transcribed by Kathy Pike, Oct. 2006