FEB. 14 2009

Rose Creek History

By Laura Helle
Rochester Post Bulletin, Austin MN
February 14, 2009

Hormel Historic Home: Rose Creek has sweet history

The city of Rose Creek was incorporated 110 years ago, on Valentine's Day in 1899. It was named not because of the holiday's signature flower, but after the small stream that runs near the town. Settlers first gathered around a stop on the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad. A depot was erected in 1878.

Rose Creek is the only town in Windom Township. The township was first settled by Sylvester Davis in 1855. It was organized in 1858 and first named Brooklyn Township. The newly organized state of Minnesota asked the township to adopt another name as there was a city with a prior claim on the name Brooklyn. For a short time, the township was known as Canton, but that name was also claimed by a Minnesota town. Finally, in 1862, the township adopted the name Windom after Rep. William Windom of Winona.

Windom was elected as one of Minnesota's first congressmen in 1858 and was later elected to the Senate in 1870. He also served as secretary of the Treasury for President James Garfield and for President Benjamin Harrison.

Rose Creek in the early 1900s was home to many businesses including a general mercantile with a community hall on the second floor. Many dances and basket socials were held there. There was also a creamery, meat market, grocery store, hardware store, bank, restaurant, blacksmith shop, Standard Oil gas station and an elevator.