March 1, 1947

  Verne Bell
  Charlie Wilcox
  Milford Carroll
  Fayette Sherman
  L.W. Sherman


The Stuff of Which America is Made


"Looking south on Main Street in Lyle, Minnesota. . ."

Folks who live in Lyle like it there. A few of her people, picked at random out of the Hormel plant, say so.

Verne Bell, for example, who has worked in the Beef Offal Department for the past 13 years, says he believes Lyle is an ideal place in which to bring up a family. Verne should know because the Bells have lived in Lyle since 1933. They have three children, all girls, ages 12, 9, and 8.

They own their home situated on a comfortably spacious lot. Verne is a member of the Board of Education in Lyle, gains much satisfaction from knowing that he helps to keep the schools in healthy condition. He drives to the plant every morning, back in the evening, takes about 20 minutes each way.

Charlie Wilcox, who has been with the Hormel company since 1932, and who works in the Beef Kill, used to live in Austin.

But he moved to Lyle a house and 12 years ago, bought figured that that was where he wanted to settle down. He is married and has two young daughters. During the years he has acquired some acreage on which he raises cows, hogs and chickens as well as some corn and soy beans.

A week or two ago he bought 12 bred gilts which he hopes will present him with a goodly number pigs in' the spring. Charlie rather leans toward Poland China hogs though he isn't fussy about whether or not they have "papers".

What he likes is a pig that can get itself ready for market in a short time. And each year he markets some fat hogs at the plant.

Milford Carroll, Hormel Beef Cooler, has lived in Lyle all his life. He is married and has a fine family of four children, two boys and two girls. He rents an 80-acre farm from his mother, the farm lying adjacent to Lyle. His oldest boy helps him to take care of the corn, soy beans, and a few head of livestock.

Milford had a year of military service, is a member of the American Legion Post in Austin, but he thinks Lyle should have a post of its own. He is working toward that end.

Lyle is a prosperous business town with an excellent school system, several fine churches, exceptionally good municipal band, just to name of few of its assets.

The village was settled before the Civil War, incorporated in 1875, and its first mayor was L. W. Sherman, grandfather of Fayette Sherman, Hormel Employment Manager.

[The Hormel "Squeal " The Hormel News-Magazine VOL.XXII, No. 2 March 1, 1947; Page 16]

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