Biographical Sketch of

Thov Olson

The first permanent settlement in the town [Nevada] was made by Thov Olson, early in the spring of 1854. Olson was a native of Norway who stopped for a short time in Mitchell County, Iowa. He first made a claim in section 29. He then built the second house in town. It was also a log house. He split shakes to cover the roof and made puncheon for the floor.

A few months later he sold that claim and located another in sections 32-33. He afterwards sold that and bought land in sections 16, 17, 21. He remained a resident of the town until 1872 when he sold and moved to Becker County, where he died September 21st, 1874. His son Halver is still a resident of the town, occupying the north one-half of the northwest quarter of section twenty-one.

History of Mower County, 1884

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